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River Pointe Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/07/2013
First off I will start by saying I have lived here for two years. Vehicle has been broken in twice (and it is a 1998 with no valuables- not a nice newer car), the office will not do anything about it. Guess who has to cover the cost of broken glass and dash units? Yep yourself. I see cops at at least every couple of weeks at any given building, luckily not the building or side of building I am in. Every once in awhile I see drug deals. It took maintenance 2 months to fix my sink and dishwasher issue that was horrid. Whoever does the patching and painting needs to be fired because there are dents and sloppy paint jobs and i'm pretty sure I could do better. hallway floors are creaky, its annoying hearing every time someone walks down the hallway. Two weeks ago their was a flood in the laundry room from the pipes in the wall, leaked out on hallway floors. We all got a notice under our door that their have been break ins in the garages from wall to wall that's how paper thin everything is here. Luckily, again I don't have a garage here. A little after I first moved in almost two years ago there was a bug infestation in the building next to mine. Lots of little gangsters around here. Finally moving out of this dump within the month!!! The only pros: Parking isn't that bad. Indoor and outdoor pool and small fitness room. But the sauna has not worked in the two years I have been here even though they still advertise it.
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River Pointe Apartments

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