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600 N Lilac Drive, Golden Valley, MN 55422
600 N Lilac Drive, Golden Valley, MN 55422

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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2019
I would not recommend Valley Village or any apartment run by The Goodman Group. They think it is acceptable to not plow the parking spots in the lot. They only plow a strip thru the lot so unless you have 4 wheel drive there is a good chance you will have trouble getting your car out. When you ask when they are going to plow they lie and say "we are working on it", "we're currently working with a contractor" "we're working VERY hard to get lot plowed" among other lies. The reality is they do not care that the parking lot is a disaster, a safety hazard and extremely stressful to those who do not have 4 wheel drive because it still hasn't been plowed 7 days after it snowed 8 inches. Yes, SEVEN DAYS. They lie and say they are working on it as though they can't get a plow truck here but it's all about SAVING MONEY to them because it could snow again in the next TWO WEEKS so they don't want to pay a plow again even though it's TWO WEEKS. They don't live here so they do not care. I couldn't stay at my apartment for 5 days because I was on crutches/knee scooter and unable to SAFELY get from my car to my door. When I told management this they did nothing. I said I could get a plow truck out here ASAP and their response was "if you want to pay for it". Yet they claim that, "THEY ARE WORKING VERY HARD" to get lot plowed. I guess when someone gets hurt and sues them maybe then they will spend the money to plow the parking lot. I have attached pictures to my reviews on other apartment rental sights. I will update this review if things change for the remainder of winter but I doubt they will. Do NOT rent here!!!!
Valley Village Manager02/13/2019

We understand your frustration, we are just as frustrated. So far this February it is the 4th snowiest February on record! We really are doing our best to keep the lots as clean as possible. We have are snow removal vendors doing pass troughs during each snow storm. Generally we would like to have the lots fully cleaned in-between each snow storm, but this year we have not been able to keep up as well as we have in the past. I am sure you have noticed the extra help we have around the property hand shoveling and snow-blowing the sidewalks and in between vehicles. Today we will have the entire parking lot cleaned curb to curb. Let's hope winter will be easier on us for the remainder of the season. We value our residents and want to provide them the highest quality of living. Again, please accept our sincerest apologize with the parking lot conditions over the last week.

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