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Masonic Block



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Resident 2007 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/08/2012
This particular landlord owns more than just this place downtown, and I have rented from him twice in two separate buildings. First place was just a little studio above the old theater, with my then bf(now husband). Not a lot of complaints other than our pipes totally froze one night and they took forever to defrost. However the landlord did get on it right away. And on another night, our old neighbor broke into our car and stole a bunch of stuff. Which sucked but it wasn't a nightmare place really besides some pot smokers. Now the other building was HELL! It's about an alley or so down, next to a tavern. When we looked at it, he had just bought the building and was fixing up the apartments. He had asked us if we would prefer carpet or the hardwood floors left alone, which was nice! We told him the hardwood would be fine. Well, they had put glue on the boards from prior carpeting and didn't really get it up off the floor before we moved in. So the floor was rough and scratchy. Stuff stuck to it and it was difficult to clean. You could see yellow-ish glue everywhere. There was black mold in the closet in the back bedroom that they did nothing about. He also told us that it had ALL utilities included like the other place we had rented from him previously. Big fat LIE! He was shady about it too. He said he didn't have a lease on him, but we could move in without and he'd bring one by later. We hadn't had any issues with him with our other renting experience, so we trusted everything was on the up and up. Well, his super shade tree, known as --- the Maintenance Man, slipped an envelope under our door about 3 weeks after we had moved in. He changed it to where we were supposed to take care of electric, so we refused to sign. He ended up putting it in our name somehow and paid with a bogus check from a bogus account to make us look badly, after he said HE would take care of it. Not only that but he tricked another lady with the bait and switch lease, but she didn't read it and got suckered! On top of ALL of that, and that's the short list, ---, would come into our place and EAT OUR FOOD plus steal packs of cigarettes among other things! We set up several traps to bust him, like the hair taped on the door, purposely counting our food/smokes before we left and recounting when we came home. We couldn't find a not obvious spot for a camera so couldn't do anything besides move. Also, I had a small dog. He was FINE when we moved in, other than the rare seizure (due to his breed and VERY common) about every 6 months or so. He was very protective of me and my child and didn't like people, like a good guard dog should, entering our house without our permission. We never just told people to come in. Well, after we noticed the stealing and after setting traps, his seizures increased to about 4 a day that I personally witnessed and we weren't home that often. So he was having a massive increase in them after we moved in. It happened within just months of us living their. I would not doubt it if --- kicked my dog. I had to have him put down because they got so bad. Even the vet said they shouldn't have increased so drastically in such a short period of time. We ended up finishing out our lease and getting the eff out of there. It was nothing but hell and heartbreak. Sorry this is so long, but it was a horrible place to live due to the maintenance man and a shady as hell landlord. If I could just write his full name, I would so no one rents from him again. He has properties all over this town and the country... Oh and someone would always poop and pee in the washers and dryers... Yeah. Stay away from here!
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Masonic Block

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