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Birch Court Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
You have no privacy. The new manager is Michelle Benz. She is a rude, ignorant, self-righteous, and nosy stuck-up person. She does not connect with the residents at all. She openly talks about other employees to random people. Just two-faced to everyone. It makes you not welcome at all. Everyone here wants her to quit working here. Now, about the living situation. These apartments have horrible ant problems. It's disgusting. No matter how clean you keep your house. You have ants coming in under the door. (which they never fix!) They have inspections every few months. Four people feel the need to come right in and invade your privacy. Only one person checks everything! Living here, you have absolutely NO privacy. It's sick! The roofs leak! Over the winter, there was water leaking into my 2 year old sons bedroom! the wall grew MOLD on it! They just scraped the snow off of the roof. The kitchen is outdated (from the 70s) and we asked for a new oven over a year ago, and STILL nothing! Its got wires sticking out under the back burner! I think the oven is from the 70s as well.! SO all in all, these apartments are a JOKE!
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Birch Court Apartments

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