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Central Park Manor



Resident · 2009
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Office Staff
You should wonder of why did they give a good price for this apartment complex? I heard before they lower the rate, nobody wants to rent here! When you came the first time, they seemed nice, it's just their way to make you sign a lease for 12 months. But when they have you signed all of the paperworks, they kept telling you that this is actually a $700 apartment/month. So in the case you quit before your lease end, you have to pay for $700 per month for at least 2 months for the penalty which is not what the rent is (per month). Also, they asked you to pay deposit for $500, which is too much compares to many other apartments out there. In fact, NOTHING IS FREE! They are not willing to handle your maintenance request properly. They often returned with a letter saying it is your responsibilty to fix it. How come you asked me to replace everything that was broken in the first week since I moved in??? If they do response to the request, it will take about 2 weeks to response. Even worse, the repairman DID NOT fix what was broken. HE EVEN BROKE THINGS! When you requested the service again as a result of what was broken by the repairman, it seemed to be AN EXTREMELY HUGE ISSUE! The manager did not check if the repairman actually did a good job or not. Instead, the resident got AN EXTREMELY INSULTING letter from the GINKEL Property Manager (which did not put his/her full name on the letter, only his/her initial, as: -----------). Even worse, he even wrote as "We will come to your unit on [such date]". What he wrote on the letter was just too much AND EXTREMELY HURTFUL in response to one humble repair/maintenance request !!! They made a FALSE ACCUSATION ABOUT YOU! And they are not even apologize! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THAT YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ME ??!!?? Are you trying to shake down the existing tenants until there is a new community that is not culturally, ethnically diverse ??? AND I CAN PROVE THAT YOU ARE F.CKING WRONG and you better NOT TO REPEAT THE SAME BEHAVIOUR AND YOUR EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE to the other and future residents !!! Another issue is the maintenance request was poorly organized! Sometimes the repairman came to your unit twice in response to 1 service request! Why and why you enter my unit again? And why you never response to the request where you should???!! Instead of doing your job, you just telling lies and broke things??!! I am a very good resident, very quiet and I ALWAYS PAY MY RENT BEFORE DUE DATE and if you still don't know how to keep and treat your good residents well, then you are ABSOLUTELY DON'T KNOW HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS!!!!! FOR FUTURE RESIDENTS, DO NOT RENT HERE, DO NOT RENT TO ANY GINKEL PROPERTIES !! THEY TURN YOUR HOME TO BE A NIGHTMARE!
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Central Park Manor

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