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Central Park Manor



Resident · 2016 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Careful about these folks. Their owner, Elwood (Woody) Ginkel, really enjoys anonymity and refuses to deal with tenants in person and will only communicate through his office staff with snail mail. His responses usually tell you that he didn't take the time to fully read and understand your complaint. He's an older gentleman, so maybe that's why. When it is time to end your lease and leave, they will not walk through with you for a final inspection. They do their own walkthrough after you leave. How convenient. I had a cleaner come in on the day I vacated. We scrubbed everything, including the carpets, and took pictures as proof. We restored the unit to a cleaner version of when I originally moved in the year prior. They sent me my security deposit back and had taken $335 out for 'black stains' on the living room carpet. No pictures or explanation. I emailed them a letter of demand asking for pictures of the stains, what they did to try and remove them, proof that it was my unit, etc. I got a response nearly a week later with a single full-frame closeup picture of some carpet with a black smudge next to a piece of paper with my unit number hand-written on it. The picture came with no explanation, no context, no timestamp, and was a closeup of the carpet, so there's no way to show it was even my unit. Elwood (Woody) finally responded via his office workers 2 weeks later, failing to address any of my concerns, simply stating that he believes the charges were fair and just. Other Notes: Maintenance man entered my apartment without consent or prior warning to change smoke alarm batteries that did not need replacing. On another occasion, another maintenance man entered my unit per my request, but was caught rummaging through my cupboards. Police report filed with video evidence. I brought my concerns to property management and they dismissed my claims. Elwood/Woody refused to meet or talk with me regarding the matter. There is a garbage room located at the bottom of the central stairwell with no ventilation other than the stairwell, so it starts to smell quite often. When the smell gets unbearable, they paint the walls to mask the smell. Lightbulbs in the stairwell are uncovered and are often broken. The shattered glass sits for weeks at a time before it is cleaned up. The building has a single elevator that is very slow. The building is right next to an urban highschool. Somalian youth make up the primary population. I was woken up nearly every school day to loud screaming/swearing and fist fighting. Not family friendly. The garage ceiling has all of the plumbing pipes, which commonly leak (you can see water stains on the concrete floor). The ceiling is covered in a fire retardant coating that has a ton of mold growing in/on it. Landscaping is mediocre. Communal dryers would always leave my clothes damp due to bad airflow/lint-clogged ventilation. Be careful and take pictures. The office staff ladies are nice, but fairly slow.
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Central Park Manor

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