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Golden Apartments



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/20/2012
The property has 1 owner, self managed. Marketed by a real estate company. The realtor advertised said apt with a garage. Garage refused. I almost pulled my application but I couldn't find some where else to live on my budget, in the area, and in time. I sucked it up and moved. I hated the 1st floor. I hated the lease...or lack there of I should say. God knows I had to give them a small fortune for a deposit. I showed up on MI day to a lawn that hadn't been mowed in a couple weeks. Mulch hadn't been places since god knows when (I could see the plastic). Who cares about landscaping? I do...it says a lot about the mgmt. Case-in-point: The building smelled like moldy old people. It was built in the 60s-70s. There is no deadbolt, just a "bedroom lock" and a chain. I was fine when I was home but I worried about when I was at work. Anyone could break in. (Luckily no one did) Horrible package/mail confidentiality. Stains on the carpet. No cleaning was done. My whole bottom kitchen cabinet floor is warped. I couldn't store anything until it's replaced (2 wks later). Faucet is leaking. There's no central air so I'll be shacking up in my LR on hot days. There is only 1 cable internet port...on the other side of the room. There is probably only 7 outlets in the whole damn place. No move-in inventory/checklist was giving so I had to make my own. When the landlord (mgmt) did come to fix a few things, it was a half a** job. He reaked of BO which is totally unprofessional. He put wood paneling down for the cabinet bottoms. A couple months later, the support fell off because he split the wood. There was a small black "mailbox" in the laundry room for checks. I refused to put my money in there because it was not secure. A toddler could have ripped that off the wall. I set up Bill Pay. The landlord was known for not posting checks in a reasonable about of time. In January, I noticed on the 17th, it still hadn't been cashed. As soon as I attempted to email him, he emailed me and let me know he never received it. He waited until the 17th to notify me of this. Obviously I had to scramble to stop payment on the first check and get him another. Luckily he didn't consider me late but really, notify me on the 17th? In the Fall I was cooking and my CO2 detector went off. I had the FD and CenterPoint out to make sure it was safe. I was then told, "just open your windows and put your exhaust fan on". Really? I had to do this every time I cooked or baked. This could be a nice property if the management took care of it and was professional. Nutshell -horrible management -horrible maintenance -unprofessional DO NOT RENT!
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Golden Apartments

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