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Hopkins Park Plaza



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2008
Its Great The Management Plows snow like a 4 yr old would Lets put the snow in a Big pile In the Parking area Up on the Top of the Lot instead of the bottom where no one Parks we'll use choice spaces and Screw the Tenants . Also 3 4 or 5 cars that havn't moved or are untaged are allowed to take up the good spaces instead of making them park below .This Complex is Truly becoming a Trash Hole.The Management Shows up and leaves when they want and when they are here they sit mostly on there AZZ in the office . The Woman in charged of Maintence hasn't been seen in weeks because she has another job Thats called Double Dipping get paid for 2 jobs while doing only 1 And God forbid if a Problem arrises on a Sunday . NO ONE Is Here . Also a church rents a couple of rooms in the Main Building for Sunday and wednesday night sevices so there FLOCK TAKES ALL THE GOOD SPACES THOSE DAYS AND THE HELL WITH THE TENANTS THAT PAY BETWEEN 600 & 800 a month.To Bad the Owners don't Look at these Pronlems but again there probably ------ Landlords
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Hopkins Park Plaza

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