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Knollwood Towers West



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idealtenant • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/04/2005
I moved here because I was tired of commuting to downtown from Maple Grove. In the mornings, if you take the expressway, it's an 8 minute travel downtown. If you don't, it can be 15 minutes. I travel alot, overseas, and really wasn't too concerned about having a swimming pool or exercise room etc. <br><br>What I've experienced:<br>The rent was cheap and included all utilities. It was exactly what I was looking for. I am on the top floor (7) and overlook the parking lot. Believe it or not, this is the best view. The others overlook mangy buildings. It is an older building, the carpet is like walking on concrete, and you can definately notice the evidence of shoddy repairs. My door frame to my bedroom, for example, is split. You can tell they used the wrong type of nails to "fix" it, as it caused further damage. They seemed to use roofing nails to repair trimming. Ok, stop laughing, it gets worse...<br><br>I move in and am not in a week when the toilet cracks and floods my neighbours below. It took them three days to fix this. Not a big deal, since at that time, I was rarely home. Next, my bathroom sink was clogged. It took them TWO weeks and THREE requests to fix this. The maintance man kept coming by saying he'd need to get a different tool. Then he'd never return. The garbage disposal is quiet iffy.<br><br>When I moved in, the place was filthy. There were dead bugs in my sills, dust everywhere, and the kitchen/bathroom floors were in a state of dirt. The room was certainly not painted, not recently. No matter, I documented it all - not sure how much I'm going to be fined when I leave soon. If you ignore all the advice in this review, at least heed this and do as I did. Video tape your move in. I guarantee you your apartment will be a disaster upon move-in...my neighbours both were. Video tape it, so on move-out, they don't bill you for "cleaning" a mess they won't clean.<br><br>The parking garage could not be designed to be any more creepy. The lights are out, most of them, and the ceiling is quite low. It's hardly secured and has the tenement look of an abandoned shelter.<br><br>The lifts never work. There are two and I was trapped on one once for 30 minutes. They are always on repair.<br><br>Noise. Believe it or not, there's not much. At least for me on the top floor. I can hear the people below me once and awhile, guitar and the lot - but the next door neighbours are never heard. There seems to be concrete separating us, which is good.<br><br>Most of the tenants here seem quite pleasant. I know my immediate neighbours fairly well and they are pleasant.<br><br>All this may be sounding good, but I strongly suggest looking elsewhere.<br><br>The management staff is RUDE. The property manager (and owner) is one of the rudest man I've ever met. He's brash and quite abrasive. He is always typing up nice letters for the community. These letters, while applying to a select few, are given to everyone. The letters are rude and hostile.<br><br>Some recent gems: "We will not be accepting packages, because accepting packages is too much work. This is done as a courtesy to our residents, but is getting out of hand, etc." I paraphrased, the original was much cockier. <br><br>Then there was a rude letter about the lifts, shopping carts, etc etc. I wanted to call the property management's office and ask why he's so rude. It's not like he's letting us stay here for free... His office number is private. So, he's completely unreachable.<br><br><br>The laundry room is awful. The dryers rarely dry on one cycle. Somebody (perhaps many) use a lot of bleech...yet they never rinse out the washer. Thus, I own several shirts with nice white streaks.<br><br>When I moved here, the managers in the office were pleasant and relatively nice. Well, one retired and the other took a permanent medical leave. This happened within a month or so of each other. Why do I make note of this? Because, shortly after - everything went to hell.<br><br>The two replacements are terrible. In short, they are quite the pair of -------. All they seem to do, all day, is smoke outside on the patio. Nice job. But they are so busy they can't collect a package. They are never helpful and completely awful. All these "we won't do this and we won't do that" happened after they came in. I've NEVER been at an apartment complex that refused to accept a package. It's not like there are so many either...I've been in the office and for a place of 300 residents, there'd be 10 packages, at most. Now, this rant isn't inspired by my packages getting rejected...I don't receive any, but if I did - I'd be outraged!<br><br>Finally, this area is hardly the best area in town. In fact, it's dodgy. I wouldn't want to raise a family here, let alone walk outside at dusk. Like I said, it was good for me, because I just needed a place to sleep.
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Knollwood Towers West

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