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Knollwood Towers West



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2009
I have lived in Knollwood Towers West for two years---it is an average/okay apartment---nothing special. It is an older apartment, with older appliances, but due to the concrete construction of the building, it is always rather quiet--you rarely hear your neighbors. It is well kept up for the most part. Kitchen area could use remodeling--from 1970's. Not much cabinet space or counter space. We pay $744/month ( with an extra parking stall and storage space) for a small one bedroom--about 650 square feet--good price for the area. Utilities are included in the rent which is a huge plus. However, the management isn't the friendliest, but from all the reviews of other apartments in the area, it seems everybody has a problem with their apartment's management. We always pay our rent on time; we are good, quiet tenants. However, one day late at night I left some rugs outside on the balcony to hang as I was cleaning the bathroom. I accidently left them over night. The next morning we get a rude phone call from the landord saying you can't leave your rugs on the balcony because it is so tacky and if we let everybody do that....blah...blah.... It wasn't even for a day that they were out there and big freaking deal when you have tenants leaving their trash everywhere for people to find as treasure...management doesn't say anything about that!!!! Yeah, management is rude... Outside the trash area, people leave all kinds of household stuff for the taking --- from cookware, clothing, couches, small appliances in what I call the "auction block". Nice way to get rid of old stuff but at times it looks kind of trashy for people to leave stuff out like that all the time. It is a very cultural community--most residents are from the East. Lots of families and kids....then there are a lot of older people. Not really a young, "hip" community. Doesn't really matter but I wouldn't mind if I could make some friends. However, we really can't relate with anybody here.... Maintenance is okay--they fixed things for the most part in a timely manner. The neighorborhood is somewhat shady though. For example, the underground garages are nice but easily broken into. We've had stuff stolen three times from one of our cars. The management doesn't care though. Also, there was a murder about three blocks away from our apartment this year. Laundry isn't that fun either. 7 floor building but only one laundry room located on the first level. It would be okay if the elevators were working, but most times they are super, super slow or one is broken. Nice huge balconies but almost too big---they could have used that space more efficiently by elongating the bedroom or living room! No amenities though--no pool or fitness center---if that sort of thing is important to you. Next to a nice park though--nice if you have kids. The office is hardly open so if you need a package---good luck in getting it if you can't be there the one hour it is open each day! Good location--right next to Knollwood Mall, Target, Cub, Highway 7,169, and 100. Not far from Uptown Minneapolis. I would recommend this place if you are on a budget, and are trying to look for a half-way decent place to live. Good if you are young and starting out. However, I wouldn't raise a family here with the neighborhood as it is. However, if you can afford a nicer apartment, I would definitely not pick this one as my first choice. All in all, this is an okay place to live.....but after two years of living in a blah, drab place....I am ready to move!!!
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Knollwood Towers West

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