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Pearlwood Estates



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mutty444 • Resident 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 07/09/2012
We moved out eff 9/30/2016 We lived at Pearlwood Estates for 4 years and 6 months. Pros: the grounds were well maintained, the hallways and common areas were policed and cleaned on a regular basis. When we had a issue, it was taken care of promptly. The staff was for the most part polite and courteous. The neighbors were quiet, and there were no loud parties. I would recommend the place for this reason. Cons: We were never ONCE late with the rent, We paid our original deposit, plus 400.00 pet deposit, not refundable, plus 50 dollars a month for Pet rent in addition to our monthly rent. We have 2 cats and we paid approx 1700.00 above our rent for the cats not including the deposit. SO for the privilege of having pets, we paid about 2200 all told. We were charged one months rent to terminate our lease early, which was in the lease agreement, no complaint there. When we did move out, they did have the audacity to charge us 265.00 for replacing linoleum that was probably original, FOR YELLOWING!!! When we we moved in, we thought it was the natural color. That linoleum was probably 30 years old. Cleaning charges were minimal, however, we kept that apt immaculate. Our biggest complaint: In a nutshell, they charged us for repairs that we should NOT have been charged. In short, we complied with everything on our lease, we took care of the apartment, and we did everything we were asked to do. Unfortunately, we do not float, so our feet did touch the floor at times. TO NEW TENANTS: Document EVERYTHING!!! no matter how trivial it may seem. I cannot stress this enough. This company is like any other mgmt company, they will charge you with things that you are not responsible for and take as much of your damage deposit as they lawfully can. Take pictures, and make sure that EVERYTHING is noted on the move in sheet, no matter how trivial or unimportant it may seem at the time. Get copies of EVERYTHING. Do not let your excitement of moving in to a new place cloud your judgement. Remember, these people are NOT your friends. Their job is to get you to sign on the dotted line and occupy a unit. Make sure you don't plan on changing apartments while you are a current tenant. If you foresee that you will be needing a bigger apartment in short order, get it BEFORE you move in!! If you are able to switch apartments, they (Hayloft Management) will treat you worse then if you are a new tenant. In short, don't think that by being responsible that you will earn any consideration. In conclusion, you are renting a space in someone else's building.This is a business deal, you are signing a binding contract and they WILL hold you to it in its entirety. You are a number/tenant at the end of the day, Your deposit/ signature and rent check on the first is all they really are concerned about.
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Pearlwood Estates

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