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Highland Hills



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
The apartments are not as desrcibed. Was promised certain things like a dishwasher and garbage disposal both of which were not here when I moved in. When asked about it they said I had signed for the apartment so it was my responsibility. The apartments although remodeled are very dirty and damaged. All of our faucets including our toilet leak and our furnace has stopped functioning twice while here. They gave us a tiny space heater as a replacement for the time being. The management makes no attempt to help their tenants and always try to squeeze out every penny. Maintenance takes multiple days to respond to issues that many times aren't fixed properly. The walls here are also paper thin. While sitting in my living room with no tv or music on, I am able to hear exactly what my neighbors above me are saying during a normal conversation. There is also gargabe all around our apartment some of which I know has been there for over a month. I am not sure if there is a ground team or a security team here. You are also forced into one cable and internet company. The internet is extremely slow allowing for no downloads or gaming of any kind. The cable also does not include all of the channels like charter or comcast. For $375 per tenant I would expect much better than this.
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Highland Hills

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