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Southwood Terrace



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
There are so many things that are wrong with this apartment complex, that I'm amazed my roommate and I decided to live here for a second year (although we are moving to a remodeled unit next year). First the good: The apartments are really big for the price - 1000/sq ft for a 2-bedroom. There is ample storage space, and the decks are nice (they are not unsafe at all like a previous post says). The complex is also really close to MSU, so you can easily walk or bike to class in nice weather, but there are also bus stops right by the complex. Management are nice people, although they seem a bit disorganized and don't seem to have much experience managing an apartment complex. Now the bad: 1) Carpets are awful with disgusting stains everywhere, but I guess that's what you get when irresponsible college kids live there. 2) They will charge you for maintenance such as a clogged toilet, even if you fight them on it. (also, clogged toilets will happen frequently since the toilets are super old and water pressure isn't the greatest). These maintenance fees completely contradict their rental policy where they say "Maintenance is included in rent". 3) the Internet (they get it from Enventis) is TERRIBLE!!! You cannot have two devices (even with one running through an Ethernet cable) streaming at the same time. We even elected to upgrade our internet, and pay an extra $10 and we can still barely get things running without slow load times or glitchy videos 4) If you don't pay the extra $40 a month for a remodeled unit, be aware you are getting yourself into a unit with 1970s appliances including a cast iron bath tub that is beginning to rust, and a crappy stove. 5) The floors are really creaky and the walls are thin, so you better hope you're on the top floor with quiet neighbors or you will never have silence again. 6) Cell phone reception in the building (on the Verizon network at least) is also really bad. Most times you will need to be sitting by a window or out in your deck if you don't want the call dropped.
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Southwood Terrace

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