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Southwood Terrace



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Southwood Terrace is a very bad living experience. The Place: Poorly maintained, bad water lines and faucets. Stains on ceilings from mold and water damage. Decks are in pretty bad shape. Electrical system in the residence flickers all the time, sometimes on its own, other times its just from plugging in a phone charger brick. I wouldn't trust it to be safe for your electronics. The internet is advertised as high speed, its a low tier and low quality installation of DSL. Not capable of streaming except on the lowest quality of Netflix on one device at a time. The Halls: Smells rotten at most times, nasty old carpets, stairs are gross. The parking lot/grounds: Very bad condition, also puts most people at risk of getting stuck in the winter due to even a little bit of ice or snow. The exit has a lip on it that often prevented any cars and small SUVs from getting out onto the road. Also the angle of the parking often led to peoples cars bumping into the other cars when they loose traction. Also they perform no care on the grounds, looks very trashy and pests in and out of the apartments, including TONS of large and easily located ground hornet nests that make you want to never go back to or out of your apartment. Now for the worst part of your potential experience!!! The Management: Basically made of two groups, the local one is a staff setup in one of the buildings, and the other is a non local organization called ATWOOD. Neither are helpful and when transferring from one to the other you end up getting sent to the wrong place all together. When alerted to this problem (or any other) both groups will direct you to send a formal complaint to the other group, and claim no responsibility for themselves in any sort of problem. When dealing with the management you get the feeling very early on that they are poorly organized and have no idea whats going on, often mixing you up with people who moved out long ago. When trying to get in onto the lease they expect an insane amount of information about yourself and even when older than 25 years old, they want a lot of information about your parents??? Their attitude is one that shows they have very little care about their tenants, often making snide remarks and behaving in a very unprofessional manner, even when dealing with responsible and calm tenants. The rating system allows from 1 to 5 stars. This filthy place and group should only get .25 out of 5, for at least managing to accomplish having a roof over your head and the thick walls between neighbors, (but not rooms), in spite of their clearly inferior business organization and practices. My advise, run the heck away from this group and don't look back. Check out their competition, I have been at two personally, and both were by far better. I will not say which ones to maintaining the quality of this review. Very Sincerely, 2012-2015 visitor/tenant Tangclown
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Southwood Terrace

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