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Southwood Terrace



Resident · 2012 - 2015
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Office Staff
FIrst of all, I am writing this review because every time I go to look at apartments, the reviews are all negative, no matter what apartment complex it is. Rarely does anyone give a positive review of a place and I think it's because people only want to complain when they had a poor experience. Rest assured, things aren't always as bad as the reviews say. Bad reviews come from VERY annoyed people that need to rant to someone. Happy people just don't know what to say or they don't feel the need to waste their time writing reviews. With that said: I lived at Southwood Terrace for 3 years. I just moved out because I graduated from Minnesota State Mankato and moved back home to Wisconsin. My experience at Southwood Terrace was not crazy outstanding, but I loved it there. My fiancé and I were really sad when we moved out. I actually teared up and took photos when we left. Every time I had a problem I would report it to maintenance using the online request form and every time they came and fixed it within a couple days. I even had them come paint the ceiling after I found a water stain from a leak (which they also fixed) and they didn't complain a bit. I had them swap out our doorknob because it was a little loose, and again, no complaints and they did it within a couple days. Management actually has gotten better since we first moved in too. They have completed redone their on-site office and seem to have hired more people (more friendly, organized people) and while I didn't even think the management was that bad to begin with, they've been even better for the last year or so. The younger lady that usually runs the main desk in the office is very nice and she's been very helpful with all the questions I had regarding our move out and our check out. As for noise levels, I'm a stickler when it comes to wanting quiet. I hate hearing booming music outside or next door. Our neighbors were fairly quiet but we had an apartment that faced the back parking lot so if we had our patio door or window open, we heard a lot of parking lot noise. Loud music booming in cars. Drunk people wandering around. Crazy people dumpster-diving (yes that happens a lot. It's an older couple fishing out aluminum cans.) But people have to remember this is a COLLEGE town. There are going to be the annoying people blaring music from their cars. There are going to be the annoying drunks wandering around yelling. For the most part that only happens on the weekends though. I never had a problem with noise during the week when I was trying to sleep. As for the apartments in general, I loved it. My friends always loved coming over because I had the biggest apartment and the most room for people. My fiancé and I loved lounging out on our deck and we loved having the free internet. Internet can be expensive and having it for FREE was great! We watched Netflix a lot and my fiancé played a lot of online games. The speed of the internet was perfect for us. Never had a problem with it. The one thing I know they need to work on is the parking lots. The smaller back lot is awful in winter. If you park on the side by the buildings, you'll have a hell of a time getting out if it snows or gets icy overnight. Southwood needs to redo that lot and smooth it out. While their at it, they should make the entrance larger. No problems from the bigger front lot from what I've noticed though. Also--I'd just like to say one last thing. Does anyone remember those security deposits you fork over when you first sign a lease? Most people probably don't because most people don't get them back. Well, we got our ENTIRE security deposit back, PLUS INTEREST. So, they actually paid us a little money and gave us all of ours back. Who does that? Southwood Terrace did. I was a little shocked when I got the check in the mail and I was very happy about it. Overall, if you're looking for a nice size apartment while you're going to college at MSU, Southwood Terrace is a great place to live. There's lots of families that live there too, so it's not just a bunch of rowdy college kids, which is nice because it cuts down on party noise and shenanigans. It's a lot safer and quieter than the other apartments near campus for sure.
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Southwood Terrace

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