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215 Oak Grove

215 Oak Grove Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403
(39 Reviews)
$979 - $1,484/mo

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3.1 rating

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Resident 1208064

Verified Resident 2023 - 2024


Didn’t realize this building was section 8 . It seems as though too many residents don’t care too much about doing their part to keep the building safe, clean and drama free! Anthony is doing a great job with the tools that he has. The utility costs are ridiculous !



    215 Oak Grove
    Hello! We appreciate your feedback and would love to learn more about your experience. Please reach out to us directly at OakGrove@greystar.com.
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    Resident 1240765

    Verified Resident 2023 - 2024


    I enjoy my home. Management are very helpful. Maintenance crew are nice, efficient, and timely. The people I have encountered her are respectful as well. I look forward to being here a while. I love the area, and I have the greatest view ever. Thank you for such a nice place to live.



      215 Oak Grove
      We appreciate your positive feedback and are thrilled you are enjoying your stay with us! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything in the future!
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      Resident 1219478

      Verified Resident 2023 - 2024


      Apartments was built in 1950 but was renovated in future why I moved in property management lied my apartment had leaked when I moved in now they wanted inconveniences me moving 2 another apartment that don’t meet my expectations



        215 Oak Grove
        We work hard to provide a fantastic experience for all. It's discouraging to hear that you had a negative experience. Please reach out to oakgrove@greystar.com when you can so we can address this with you directly. Thanks so much, and looking forward to hearing from you.
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        Resident 1195912

        Verified Resident 2022 - 2023


        I’ve had my laundry/packages stolen multiple times, and I’ve been harassed in the lobby and in front of the building several times. The front steps (and sometimes the elevators) often smell like pet urine. Maintenance does not understand my written requests the first time and marks it resolved or does nothing unless I am home when they come by. I broke my wrist on the front steps because they weren’t sufficiently de-iced in the winter. The unit itself is alright, aside from small issues with the appliances. I live on a higher floor and the heat rises, so even in the winter it is always hot and I have to open a window to stay comfortable. Parking and pet fees are expensive, but the base rent is relatively affordable on its own. The view (from up high) is the one big positive of this apartment.



          215 Oak Grove
          We appreciate your honest feedback, as we're always looking for ways to improve. Feel free to give us a call with any questions, we're always happy to help.
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          Resident 1194879

          Verified Resident 2023


          The location, the view, the fitness center are all hard to beat. I feel really happy here. The management team is really friendly and ready to assist you. Overall it's just a really great place to live, you have everything you need.



            215 Oak Grove
            Hi - thanks for letting us know we went Beyond Expectations! We'll be sure to share with the team here at 215 Oak Grove!
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            Resident 1170732

            Verified Resident 2023


            Tenants don’t seem to care about the cleanliness of the building. Twice in two weeks I saw tenants with dogs allowing them to pee right by the elevator and never attempted to clean it up!!!! I feel sorry for the property manager dealing with such behavior. They are more like an animal then the dogs they are keeping! All flooring needs to be replaced with commercial grade flooring. The building has the potential to be really, really nice !



              215 Oak Grove
              I'm so sorry you had this experience. Please rest assured we find this type of behavior unacceptable, and will address it immediately. If there's anything else you'd like us to know, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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              Resident 2016 - 2022


              We have lived at 215 Oak Grove St since August of 2016. A month ago, my fridge started acting up and I reported it several times. At this point I can no longer safely feed my family due to the fact that all the food in my fridge is spoiling. The maintenance crews have come up multiple times, taken the freezer apart got it to work and put it back together then leaving saying call us if it stops work again. The problem is the fan motor has gone bad and my fridge will not cool to the required temperatures to keep my food from going bad. I have contacted the City of Minneapolis about this problem, and they will be coming out next week. But in the meantime, I cannot safely feed my family. What I have found with maintenance is the crews and managers don't communicate with each other, they keep coming up and trying the same temporary fixes again and again even though I tell them it does not work. I have decided to go very public with my problem as I have had no success with the maintenance and management here. 215 Oak Grove st. was… See More>
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                Resident 2021


                Worse building high priced parking spot cost 140 bad rude management people smoking inside Maintenance are worse don’t ever move in this building it is too old from 1960 not en heat in the winter You have pay everything like water heat electricity trush seward and they do not tell you until you move so

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                  Resident 2018 - 2019


                  Complete lack of management involvement, this is just a building to make money and offer the bare minimums while charging a premium price for poorly renovated apartments. Incompetent office staff and even worse maintenance staff. The community is located in a central area in loring park and it is very close to both uptown and downtown.

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                    Resident 2017 - 2020


                    I've lived here during the transition from Sentinel Mgmt to Laramar and I can honestly say as a renter for the last 14 years, Laramar is by far the worst management company I've had the misfortune of having to work with. They cannot figure out how to send a bill for the amounts defined in the lease; my roommate and I have been billed almost triple our rent this month and a bunch of fees added on because they can't figure out how to set up a lease renewal in their system. They've dropped my roommate's parking spot fees from the bill for three months and when we've gone to address that, they say they'll fix it only for the error to persist. Then they come back and demand money that we tried to pay them for that parking. We've been sent a "final" demand notice for $26 which of course, was completely missing from their accounting system and we were not properly billed for. Worth noting we never got a first notice or any form of contact other than a threatening letter under our door. When this was brought up with the folks in the office, they couldn't figure… See More>
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                      Resident 2017 - 2019


                      The new management company (Laramar) has run this building into the ground over the last year and a half or so. One of the two elevators (for a 20-floor building) has been out of service for two months and counting, the laundry machines constantly break down, and one of the treadmills shuts down after about two minutes of using it. The packages in the mailroom are usually thrown in a big pile so anyone can steal anyone else's packages. The staff are completely oblivious and - worst of all - don't even seem to care or really like their job. (At least the previous staff knew the building inside and out and made genuine attempts at getting to know their residents.) Online rent payment has been made unnecessarily difficult because you can no longer split rent with someone else - one person has to pay the entire amount. See attached pictures of poorly maintained building; you'll get used to seeing the "Out of Order" signs on the washing and drying machines (at one point 4 dryers were all broken), and the second picture displays one elevator being out of service (which, again, has been out of service for over two… See More>
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                        Resident 2018


                        I lived here from November 2017-August 2018 and all I can say is that this is the WORST place I've ever lived in. The management people are very impudent especially a lady named -----. You can call her ---------. She's hella rude along with the other people in the office except for the old man named ----. That place always have cops because most of the people who lives there are people of colored and the crime rate is very high inside that apartment. I had a neighbor who is -------- and her husband was -------------- who is a psychopath. I'm ------- myself. Her ------ husband used to beat her up and secretly removed her name from the lease. Poor lady, she was kicked out by the management when she called the cops on her abusive husband. The management staff do not care about the well being of their tenants. They just want money. Once you bring in cops, you're out. Anyways, all the staff in there are rude and not so helpful. They shouldn't be working there. I DO NOT recommend this place at all. This apartment is very old and there's always many problems when winter comes. Sometimes,… See More>
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                          Resident 2017 - 2018


                          I moved into Oak Grove towers about a year ago and was planning on staying for a few years at least. I cannot tell you how excited I am to move out at the end of the month. The management company is the absolute worst management company I have ever worked with. I've had a nightmare parking in the ramp, which I pay over $100 a month to do. I've had to move spots over six times because they have an abysmal record-keeping system and can't seem to find a single spot for me to park. When I went in to ask them about it, the woman there was absolutely awful to me--rude and abrupt and unhelpful. We've had an awful time getting and keeping our toilet working. They're adding new fancy amenities to try and attract new residents since they've raised the rent and been taken over by such an awful management company and everyone is moving out. My recommendation: Do. Not. Live. Here.

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                            Resident 2017


                            At first it was nice. Utilities paid for (no longer doing that). But then the bed bugs came. Our unit was sprayed and we thought that was it. Now it's getting sprayed for the 2nd time bc they're spreading all over. Creeps me out. Glad I did a 6 month lease.

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                              Resident 2014 - 2016


                              Do not live here!!!! The new management is horrible! I lived here for 2 years, and it use to be the best place I ever lived in. The old management was very nice and friendly and laid back. But then the new manager lady took over recently and has been horrible. We paid rent and were good tenants for 2 years never having any sort of issues. We cleaned up our apartment and thought it looked spotless when we moved out. So naturally I was super excited to receive my rental deposit back of $400 since I assumed everything looked great and we did an excellent job cleaning up and maintaining the place.. Few weeks passed and suddenly I received a bill for $800 to pay due to "damage" in our apartment on the kitchen countertop. Apparently there was a burn mark on the countertop, which my wife and I didn't even remember right away when we read the letter. We literally spent a couple hours just trying to remember if there was a burn mark or if they confused us with another apartment unit. But sure enough,… See More>
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                                Resident 2013


                                I have lived in this apartment for 2 years. They just changed a new management team. The quality of life living in this apartment decreased drastically after the new management team came aboard. The biggest issue is with the new management team first is about the laundry room. The laundry machines are always out of order and doing laundry is a nightmare now. Second, the manager sometimes make unexpected hazels. For example, a few weeks ago, they asked everyone move their car out of garage 8am in the morning without much prior notice.

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                                  Resident 2009 - 2013


                                  Overall a good place to live. To be straight, I have lived in properties managed by this company now for 4 years and have worked to manage one of them for 2 previously. Not really an anonymous review for the company but whatever. The good: Apartments are very quiet, the owners take pride in their properties, it is a very professional building, maintenance is responsive and works hard to resolve issues, the location of the building is great and the neighborhood feels safe, pricing is fairly competitive for what you get. The concierge is awesome, go say hi to her and she'll get you sweet deals around town. A nice patio for grilling in the summer. Most of the residents are pretty normal, nice people. The not so good: apartments can get hot in the summer, the wall A/C units just don't cut it for the room configurations and sq. ft. measurements. For me it is OK, the main room cools well enough but may not transfer to the bedroom, but if you are really crazy about having your apartment below 70 everyday then something to think about, guest parking is very limited. There is street parking… See More>
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                                    Resident 2011 - 2013


                                    I have lived in the building for 2 years and was overall displeased. The elevators are a huge safety issue and break frequently. They also free fall randomly and get stuck on floors. Management refuses to pay for maintenance because it's "too expensive" and pry the doors open manually and restart them with the firefighter key. Security cameras have been broken for months. The staff entered my apartment on multiple occasions without sufficient or any notice at all. There is new Management in the building that are very poor at filling requests and addressing issues. They are also unethical and are not concerned with genuine safety issues (I.e. people getting stuck in elevators). The walls are paper thin and I was able to hear both neighbor's TV and conversations word for word. The wall unit air conditioners are old and do not keep the units adequately cool, and being on an upper level makes it completely unbearable. During the winter I have to keep my windows open in order to regulate temperature (giving me a 24/7 earful of traffic on 94 directly below). Smoking is allowed in units, so my entire hallway and sometimes my apartment smelled very strongy of… See More>
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                                      Resident 2007 - 2012


                                      Perfect for business professionals...appropriately not so hot for college parties

                                      I have lived here since 2007 after leaving some brownstones down the street. I could not be more pleased. Rent is mid-priced, however the views from the northside over the skyline are amazing. I have always seen one day turnaround on maintenance. Contrary to other reviews, the units are sound tight. Although this building has a very wide age group, the more partying college students have appropriately been asked to leave as they can't seem to keep the party inside. Those cycles happen and management reacted appropriately for the benefit of the building. Kind, reactive, and friendly, this is a wonderful, cost effective property to live in downtown Minneapolis.

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                                        Resident 2011 - 2012


                                        Terrible Place to live

                                        Management was terrible and inconsiderate to deal with. Any problems with the apartment took forever to deal with and get fixed, and the management was very snarky. The neighborhood itself is nice, although the senior citizens that live here are stuck up and will report you for being loud, even if you're not.

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                                          Resident 2011


                                          How tolerant are you?

                                          I lived here for one year because, as someone who works downtown, the location appealed to me. Other positives include a gym that has all the basics. I ve rarely seen other people using it besides me. The laundry facilities are better than going to a laundry mat, but it seems the closets in the apartments are large enough to accommodate washer/dryer combos: the management is just too stingy to install them. And that s one of the bigger drawbacks. The apartments renovations have relied on cheap materials and poor craftsmanship. The flooring is cheap and dings easily. The shower tiles are mismatched. The baseboard heating collapses. There are a total of four lights, and none in the living room or bedroom. The exterior windows are cleaned only once a year. A bird shits down the side the very next day? You re ---- out of luck. Walls are paper thin and you can hear your neighbor going to the bathroom. Other negatives include a faulty security system in the parking ramp. Nothing is safe in there, and despite multiple break-ins to resident cars, stolen bikes, etc., the system hasn t been improved or fixed. The turnover is ridiculous. Every… See More>
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                                            Resident 2010


                                            Terrible Management

                                            This place may seem attractive for the price downtown. Don't get me wrong the apartments and facilities are nice, but the problem is the management. There have been thefts in tenants apartments and in the parking ramp and management refused to help investigate. You can ask them to look at camera's but they will tell you they saw nothing and then not allow you to see them. Seems a little suspicious? Could it be the employees that are stealing? No way to know cause they refuse to cooperate. As for the "ALL UTILITIES PAID," it does not state that even if your air conditioner is 15 years old and does not work efficiently you will get a new one. They are too old to repair and quit working if it gets above 90 degrees. It's not the maintenance guys fault. There are only 2 of them for 220 apartments. Now there have been 3 fire alarm's that have gone off at 6 am on a Saturday and 1 am on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Not only do we not get an explanation or apology, but what worries me is what if next time it is a real fire? Think again… See More>
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                                              Resident 2009 - 2010


                                              Have loved this place

                                              I have lived in this apartment for 9 months and have loved it. Its location is great and the price is reasonable for the location. I will be moving in a few months simply because of relocating to a new city. The space in my apartment is more than enough for my single self. Parking is available for an additional fee, but it is worth it, especially in the winter when the city plows, etc. The staff is friendly and courteous and the in house laundry is a nice feature. At times, the laundry machines are down but this is infrequent and there are plenty of them in there. It is controlled access which is nice but people have been known to let others through the door which has led to a few issues in the past. I have very little problem with noise, just the occassional sound from upstairs, but the walls are pretty soundproof, unless you have a really noisy neighbor. I am in the middle of the building (floor wise) and have noticed no problems with infestations AT ALL. There are two elevators which is nice and you are able to rent one out for move in… See More>
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                                                Resident 2010


                                                Mice Infestation

                                                Upon move-in we were not notified of ANY rodent problem. After move in found that we were required as tenants to allow pest control into our apartment at any time with 24 hours notice. Since move-in have dealt with a mice infestation. Due to this fact I lost my roommate and renter. Throughout the past 45 days they have left dead mice in traps for over 24 hours - even with repeat phone calls to management and maintenance for removal. They have ignored requests to replace snap-traps. The poison in our apartment clearly is not effective - since we see live mice daily. I would not recommend this apartment complex due to the lack of initiative and response from management to deal with unacceptable issues.

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                                                  Resident 2007 - 2008


                                                  Would not renew my lease

                                                  I loved the apartment itself, the location and the price. I did not love the management. I had planned on living in this building for several years, but the building manager would not let me renew my lease after the first year and would not give me a reason. I always paid my rent on time and wasn't loud or destructive so I have no idea why. About half of the washing machines were broken, and although the residents complained frequently, management never brought in someone to repair them.

                                                    Floor Plans & Pricing

                                                    1 Bedroom

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 626 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,048 - $1,392

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                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 634 sq. ft.

                                                    $1,066 - $1,473

                                                    7 Available Units

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                                                    One Bedroom Large

                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath | 634 sq. ft.

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                                                    Features & Amenities

                                                    • Covered Parking
                                                    • Garage
                                                    • Cats Allowed
                                                      Rent: $15
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                                                    • Dogs Allowed
                                                      Rent: $40. Restrictions: Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull Terrier / Staffordshire Terrier, Chow, Presa Canarias, Akita, Alaskan Malamutes, Wolf-Hybrid, or any mix thereof.
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                                                    • 24-Hour Management Availability
                                                    • Air Conditioning
                                                    • Basketball Court
                                                    • Bath and Kitchen Upgrades
                                                    • Business Center
                                                    • Cable & Satellite
                                                    • Carpet
                                                    • Childcare
                                                    • City Views
                                                    • Club Discount
                                                    • Clubhouse
                                                    • Concierge
                                                    • Convenient to Art Center
                                                    • DishWasher
                                                    • Door Attendant
                                                    • Elevator
                                                    • Fitness Center
                                                    • Gated Access
                                                    • Renovated Floorplans
                                                    • Tiled Flooring
                                                    • Window Coverings
                                                    • Wood Floors
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                                                    215 Oak Grove is a pet-friendly community of newly renovated apartments that features upgraded baths and kitchens, breakfast bars, large windows and closets and stunning city views. The building includes a renovated fitness center and resident lounge, patio with BBQ and garden, and onsite laundry.
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                                                    Office Hours

                                                    • Sunday: Closed
                                                    • Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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                                                    Questions & Answers (1)

                                                    Asked on: 11/21/2017
                                                    Q: Are the bedbugs complimentary or is there a charge to have them in the unit?

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                                                    Based on 39 number of votes by renters, 215 Oak Grove is currently rated 3.1 out of 5 stars.
                                                    215 Oak Grove is rated 3/5 stars in our renters grounds survey, which is considered below average. The grounds are starting to look neglected and require attention.
                                                    215 Oak Grove is rated 3.3/5 stars in our renters maintenance survey, which is considered below average. The maintenance team is often slow to respond and does not always fully resolve issues.
                                                    215 Oak Grove is rated 3.6/5 stars in our renters noise survey, which is considered average. The noise level can sometimes be disruptive, but not to a significant extent.
                                                    215 Oak Grove is rated 3.1/5 stars in our renters safety survey, which is considered below average. The complex has significant safety concerns that need immediate attention.
                                                    215 Oak Grove is rated 4.6/5 stars in our renters neighborhood survey, which is considered excellent. The complex is located in a very desirable and safe neighborhood with convenient access to local attractions and services.
                                                    215 Oak Grove is rated 4.3/5 stars in our renters staff survey, which is considered good. The staff is generally helpful and responsive, with occasional lapses.
                                                    Managers have responded to 100% of their community reviews in the past year.
                                                    Managers have replied within 61 days to their community reviews in the past year.
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Rent: $15
                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Rent: $40
                                                    Restrictions: Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull Terrier / Staffordshire Terrier, Chow, Presa Canarias, Akita, Alaskan Malamutes, Wolf-Hybrid, or any mix thereof.
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 1 Bath
                                                    Up To Two Months Free Rent! Restrictions apply. Contact the Leasing Office for More Details!

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                                                    July 2024





                                                    215 Oak Grove is a 626 - 710 sq. ft. apartment in Minneapolis in zip code 55403. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $979 - $1,484. Nearby cities include Lauderdale, Saint Louis Park, Golden Valley, Robbinsdale, and Falcon Heights.

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