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3305 Hennepin Avenue Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Office Staff
If you are looking for an alternative to on-campus student housing this is it ! And it's only three blocks from Lake Calhoun and three blocks from "party central", the Hennepin - Lake Intersection in Uptown. If you are in your late teens or early to mid twenties, you'll love this place Especially if you are a college student having your parents fund your housing. Most units have between 2 to 4 people in them, which makes for a lively 24/7 social scene. If there isn't a party in an apartment, there is one going outside on the sidewalk or on the stairs. And given no one is watching what goes on, you can invite friends, family, and relatives for the entire Summer or for a year or two. And it's all good. One particularly good thing, is that it's very unprofessionally managed. The building manager really doesn't enforce any of the rules regarding noise and parties, so you can have as much fun as you want. As long as you pay your rent on time, it's all good. And if you are a smoker, you'll love it. There is so much second-hand smoke in the common areas (halls, stairs, etc), that you won't even feel the urge to light up. About 90% of the tenants smoke, and the doors are nearly 30 years old and fit badly. You get to share your habit with the whole building ! The building is extremely poorly constructed and was built in the early 1960s. And you can tell. Wood frame internally, you can hear every noise from every apartment around you. At any given time you'll be hearing 2-3 TVs and somone's stereo. In the rare chance you don't like it and complain, the building management will do nothing at all. Again it's ideal for younger adults who listen to music on headphones 24/7. Your hearing loss will make this place a paradise ! No amenities in the apartments. No disposals, no washers, tiny old kitchens, and linoleum installed when "I Love Lucy" was first run. The bathrooms often have no electric outlets, tiny sinks with little space to place things. If you decide to rent here, get a unit in the back of the building and definitely not on the top. If you live in the front or the side on 33rd, you'll get 24/7 car, bus, motorcycle, and scooter noise, including their stereos ! You can open your windows and tell people on the phone you're really at a Greyhound Station in Chicago on the expressway and they'll believe it. Top apartments can see temperatures in the Summer up to 115-120 degrees. It's like taking a trip to Iraq without the sand. Then when you turn on your 35 year old plus airconditioners (one in bed room, one in living room) you can cut it down to 115-100 until the sun goes down. The apartment is in one of the most dangerous areas of Uptown, with robberies, assaults, and even a shooting happening in the same block or nearby blocks. Read the CARAG Crime Report and you'll see that stats. Tenants have been robbed at the bus stop across the street. Cars broken into and vandalized in the parking lot. Have fun here, but do becareful ! Twice a year they post a notice that they are going to do maintenance of the building (checking windows, looking for water leaks, etc) and this will go on for five to six weeks. They'll just go through the building without further notice entering apartments at will. So becareful if you are entertaining a hot young lady in your apartment during this time. You may get company. This is the building for young, Uptown hipsters. You can do what you want and no one will ever try to stop you. All the fun of a college dorm without an RA keeping watch or the campus police.
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3305 Hennepin Avenue Apartments

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