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Community Court Apartments



Resident · 2003
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Office Staff
I had a better experience living in the worst side of East St. Paul than living at the Richfiled Inn Apartments. <br> <br>* When I moved in, my apartment was filthy. There was black mold growing on the toilet seat. Rotting food was left in the fridge. The carpet was old, ripped, and stained. One rip in the carpet was so large that I had to duct tape it down. There was garbage from the last tenant (including a piece of toast on a plate, an underwear wrapper, and a letter with obscenities written on it) in my apartment. There was stains and gum stuck to the sofa. The kitchen was covered with grease, so much that I could not open the broiler door. the floor and cabinets were sticky with grease. The radiator is moldy and leaking water all over the carpet. Worst of all, part of my deposit was kept for "cleaning". <br> <br>* The manager has most of her family living here. They have picnics in the summer and the music is so loud that you can hear it inside your apartment even when the windows are closed. Family members throw cigarette butts all over the grounds. I saw lighter fluid laying out where children were playing. A piece of meat was left in the laundry room garbage until it began to rot. Several family members swear all the time, in front of the children playing, and so loud that you can hear it inside your apt. Another family member had a cat that was pooping foamy white stuff on a tree in the common areas. Another family member had a dog that would not stop barking, late into the night. I saw children of family members playing in an apt. that was recently ´cleaned´. Another family member told me her apt. was infested with flies, and showed me the flies clinging to the patio door. <br> <br>* The fixtures are cheap and apt. not maintained. The grounds are not kept up, and garbages in common areas are often over flowing. Broken glass and garbage on the ground near the dumpsters is common. The maintance man leaves his sharp tools laying all over the complex, even in the reach of children playing in the common areas. There was a hole in the wall of my apt. with a wire dangling out. The maintance man "fixed" this by cutting the wire with a key and shoving it back into the hole. The stairs are old with worn paint and splintering rails. My child got a sliver from the rails that was embedded so deeply that it had to be removed in the ER. <br> <br>*I would not recommend this apartment, you can get a much better apartment elsewhere. <br> <br>
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Community Court Apartments

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