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Community Court Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
When people say ------...this is the picture in the dictionary next to that word... if you want mice...torn screens, animal poop, non working patio doors,spiders dropping on you as you try to do laundry and get your mail...or you trip over the hole under the carpet..instead of them fixing the floor boards...then you have found your next home!... once you have moved in enjoy all of these ammenities plus more... we have children and adults that will steal your stuff right off your patio... any kids toy will be taken and destroyed....bikes will be stolen and broken..grills will be left hot so any child walking or riding their bike (more likely the stolen bike) will ride by and touch it for fun and realize ouch they just touch a hot grill...and for the adventurous at heart the court yard provides the added bonus of tip toeing thru the dog sh..it.. and or strong urine..and if you want to park then you the tenant will have to wait for the visitors to leave around bed time before you can park your car in the pot hole ridden drive suppose to be provided for you but really any tom ---- or harry can park there and leave the broken down car there for months...oh and God forbid that you have a handicapped visitor or tenant the big trucks that you need a ladder for will be parked there..young, healthy tenants that park there so that someone who does need it can use their walker or wheelchair and go thru a foot of snow and five almost falls to get to your place to visit right from the hospital that discharged them from a stroke... so they then just give up and go back to their car and have to go elsewhere to visit you....... this is the icing on the cake...the cake is that tenants from 2nd floor haul their garbage out and while some falls thru the crakes down onto your patio..your left with hostile and ignorant neibors sweeping it on to your side... yes.. this is a must for the person or family that wants to be a prisoner in their appartment for the remaining lease..oh lets not forget your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE THEY WILL MAKE SURE THEY FIND ENOUGH WRONG (EVEN THOU PREVIOUS TENANTS DID IT AND THEY WERE ALSO CHARGED) CLEANING FEES....THAT YOU WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOUR DEPOSIT..SO DONT CONSIDER IT A DEPOSIT CONSIDER IT JUST LIKE THAT LAUGHABLE MAINTENCE FEE...JUST EXTRA MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS THAT ONCE HANDED OVER AND SHOVED INTO THEIR POCKETS...GONE... YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK...OH AND BRING LOTS OF LIGHT BULBS YOU ARE NOT ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INSIDE ONES BUT THE OUTSIDE ONES THAT ARE PART OF A BUILDING PROPERTY MAINTENCE ANYWHERE ELSE... BUT HERE YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN...AND THAT ANCIENT STOVE WITH NO KNOBS...WELL NO IT NEVER COMES CLEAN LIKE NEW BUT YOU WILL BE CHARGE TO GET THAT CLEANED..ALTHOUGH LETS FACE IT IF IT WAS CLEANED WHY IS THE NEW TENANTS TOLD WHEN THEY LOOK AT THE "MODEL" HOW YOURS WILL BE CLEANED BUT SOMEHOW THEY NEVER GET TO IT...YEP.. FOR THE MONEY ITS NOT WORTH IT..AND IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE ROOM IN THE KITCHE FOR YOUR COOKING AND GROCERIES THEN YOU ONLY ORDER IN...AND DONT COOK....GOOD LUCK TO YOU APARTMENTS IS WHAT THE NAME OF THIS PLACE SHOULD BE.....
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Community Court Apartments

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