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Dinnaken House



Resident · 1999 - 2003
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Office Staff
Dinnaken's best feature is the building. It could easily double as a fallout shelter. The entire place is made of poured concrete and cinder blocks. What this means in practical terms is that it's very quiet. In addition, the irregular design of the place means fewer apartments border each other.<br><br>Maintenance staff are competent and courteous. In fact, many of them go above and beyond the call of duty. I had one of them install a lock on my bedroom door, and he was so nice and understanding.<br><br>Now on to the management. This place really doesn't seem to care about its money. We had a nightmare roommate move in during January 2003. His background information was not screened, nor was a deposit ever requested. In fact, we didn't learn until about three months after he moved in that he hadn't paid a dime in rent. The worst part was, we had to do the legwork to find this out -- management just didn't care. They threaten legal action, but only after our constant harrassment did they finally sue him. You can pay rent months late and no one cares. You'll just get a bill several months later. Don't want to pay? That's OK They probably won't start bugging you until 4-6 months after THAT.<br><br>These are the lessons of Dinnaken: the building is probably the best on campus. You only get one bathroom, but the place is so solid you'll really miss it when you leave. No other apartment I've ever had is as solid and quiet. And this is student housing! HOWEVER: be VERY careful when subleasing. Kick and scream until you get the front office to actually do their jobs and investigate prospective tenants. If you get a questionable roommate, REQUIRE a month's payment up front and proof from the rent office that it was received.<br><br>Other cool things...this has to be one of the first private apartments in the world to install ethernet. I believe it was set up in 1996. The 24-hour receptionist is great -- you can complain about anything and get service anytime. Also a very safe building. Actual apartment doors are heavy and secure. The locks are complicated and keys are uncopyable. Your only concern is your roommates -- and fire, although each room has a sprinkler.<br><br>Other bad things...parking is one per apartment, otherwise a lottery. Have fun fighting over who gets the one provided space. Parking for guests is HORRIBLE. Unless they want to pay dearly in the Oak Street Ramp, forget it; it's all street parking, and that is becoming less plentiful. There are five guest spaces, but they're usually occupied.<br><br>Overall, a great place to live if management would get their act together.
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Dinnaken House

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