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Eitel Building Apartments



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ematzner • Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/13/2018
Terrible management company. The building is poorly maintained - the hot water doesn't work well, the elevators break all the time, the fire alarms go off frequently, the amenities are often broken or unusable, and the garden area walkway has deteriorated to the point that it's unsafe and has been that way for over a year. There are frequent billing issues. They double charged everyone for rent one month. They randomly added a new utility charge for all residents to start paying. Greystar coordinates the billing for two of the utilities - they struggled to get the bills right for a long time and then sent an invoice for a whole years' worth of charges. Good luck contacting them about anything. They don't often pick up the phone, and emails often go unanswered. There's a resident portal where you can post things, but if you post a question or a concern, they'll take it down because, as they told me, "they don't want negative feedback." Talking to them in person is worse. Usually they're out showing the place to prospective tenants and you have to stop by all day until someone's finally there, and then when you do get to talk to someone, they blame you for any issues and claim that the lease contract gives them the right to do anything they want. Actually, this is true - they put a clause in their leases stating that they can change anything about the lease during the term of the lease. Seriously. They could double your rent a month after moving in. They said this is a common business practice and they see nothing wrong with it. This alone should make you wary of them. They're also terrible about communicating with residents. As an example, they once reprogrammed all the doors to the building so everyone had to get new key fobs. The problem is that they made very little effort to notify people of this. On the day they did the reprogramming, tons of residents were suddenly locked out. The management company sent an email later that basically said "Sorry we're not very good at communication. We'll try to get better." They didn't. When we gave them our official notice of our move-out date, we asked if there was anything we should know about moving out, turning in keys, etc. They didn't respond. We checked with them again as we got closer to our move-out date, and they said there wasn't anything we needed to know. Then, they completely wreaked havoc on the day of our move because apparently we weren't doing it to their specifications. Do not live here. If Sonya responds to ask me to contact her directly with these concerns, you should know that we did contact management about some of these concerns while we lived there, and we were met with rudeness, hostility, and unhelpfulness.
Eitel Building Apartments Manager08/14/2018

Thank you for taking the time to post your review, I know your time is precious. Please accept my apologies for your move out experience. I am disappointed to hear there are so many items you are unsatisfied with while making your home at Eitel. Please know we do listen to the feedback of all our Community Members and continuously strive to improve and provide the best service possible. Our goal is to stay true to the highest ethical standards and principles, be honest, trustworthy and humble in all of our words and actions. We have made many recent changes and would love the opportunity to turn around your impression. It was our pleasure having you as a Community Member. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors! Sonya Ruffin Community Manager

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Eitel Building Apartments

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