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Eitel Building Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/21/2018
It's with the sting of what could've been and regret I write this review. The Eitel was the place my girlfriend and I lived together for the first time. We loved it. At first. Our unit was gorgeous and we've made so many great memories here. But as things progressed we were subjected to so many compounding mistakes and missteps by management that we decided not to renew our lease. It's so unfortunate. We don't think you should live here either and here's why: Firstly, management hasn't gotten itself organized since we've moved in 4 months ago. They've had enormous turnover. The person I spoke with and worked through upon move-in is gone and I have a completely new set of faces to work through. It's confusing and difficult to reach anyone. I've had to stop in face to face to make get anywhere. Secondly, when we moved in, our unit was still very dirty. The cabinets had gunk. The floors were gritty with sand and dirt. The counters and flat surfaces were dusty and unclean. It was gross. The paint was very sloppy. You can see lines from where they rolled the paint on as well as spots were they didn't tape properly. It was obviously turned with haste. Finally, our elevator wouldn't go to our floor on our move-in day. We were on the 5th floor. It would go to the 4th then stop. If you tried to go to the 5th it would freeze and you'd get stuck in the elevator for a good 5 mins. That was the first day. The elevator was then shut down for safety reasons. It remained shut down while they said technicians would be out to fix it. They gave us 4 different timelines for when the elevator repairs would be completed. Although it was probably good health-wise to take 5 floors of stairs a couple times a day, it's hard to market your apartments as "luxury" units when you don't have a working elevator. It took them three months to fix. Three. Months. 90 days. Unreal! I messaged and played phone tag with the office for weeks before I had to speak to them in person to get a response. I was offered no concession for the elevator debacle. I pay $1500 a month and they couldn't throw me a bone. It's just basic customer service and bottom line it's doing the right thing to recognize when you've made a mistake and own it. Instead their bottom line is more important. We haven't been treated fairly here and I don't think you'll be either. I'd advice looking elseware for luxury living. There's a lot to choose from in the area. These folks don't deserve your time or money since they didn't respect mine.
Eitel Building Apartments Manager09/09/2019

Hi Anonymous, we can assure you that we do not find this type of behavior acceptable, and we would like to address the situation you have described. We would like to have a better understanding about your experience. Please reach out to us at (612) 333-2425 at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to resolve this with you.

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Eitel Building Apartments

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