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timmyb25 • Prospective Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/20/2007
My girlfriend lives there, but for only one more month. They are raising her rent over $300/month, starting 9/1. So for that money, she got a really nice place. 1) Is the apartment nice? Yes! Great view and roomy place to call home. 2) How's the location? It's extremely convenient. 3) How's the management? Worthless!!! These are the people you rely on as a renter. I wouldn't live there for half of what she pays, just because of what she has been dealing with for the last 45 days. I think the name of the property manager is Paul. He's Pathetic!! He can't be reached for anything. The management is so hard to reach. "Leave a message" is the response you get around that place. If you don't believe me, try for yourself. (866) 581-1367 Then, leave a message and see how well they respond. Most likely if it's a pain for them, they'll be rude or blow it off like it doen't exist. "Oh, don't worry about that...It's nothing." You get some bill that comes from a guy named Larry that Paul and the other rude mess he works with, says is Larry's bill..."You'll have to talk to Larry about that. We don't have anything to do with that one." Even though it comes on the Midtown monthly rent bill. AND who is LARRY? No company or service title...just Larry. Try contacting him too. My girlfriend finally got through to his secretary and scheduled an appointment with Larry to discuss the bill...he cancelled on the appointment and said they should communicate in writing. It's 100% unexceptable and nobody, paying what she pays, should have slum lords like that running the building. I felt like applying for Paul's Job. I figure I could fire Paul and his dead-beat assistant and still run the facility better on my own. The worst part of this...She moves out at the end of this month. Her appartment is immaculate. Who wants to bet she doesn't get her deposit back. They'll probably hold her deposit because she hasn't paid Larry. The guy that nobody wants to talk about. :) Maybe he doesn't exist. I'll reply to this REVIEW when she doesn't get it. BE CAREFUL WHEN APARTMENT SHOPPING AT MIDTOWN EXCHANGE.
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Midtown Exchange

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