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Park Ridge Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
I wrote an earlier review about how happy i was about this place. If you're looking for all the good things this apartment has to offer read that one. This is a bit of a rant. My family and I have lived here for 11 months now we won't be renewing the lease. The first few months were just fine, not great but not much to complain about. After about 8 months, though, things really started to go down hill. The tile in the shower rotted away in the bathroom from water damage leaving a giant moldy musty hole that we had to put a bag over for a week because it smelled so bad and and we were afraid bugs would get in. Staff fixed it in a relatively fast time but they only patched it up and there is still soft tile just waiting to fall apart again.. so the problem is much deeper than broken tile. Our tires were slashed in the parking lot, we didn't complain to management because we knew there was nothing they could do, but it gives you an idea of some of the people you live amongst. The building next door is very loud and the police are always there. Winter makes them quiet down a bit but during the summer you're sure to here an earful even at 3 am. We live in the south-east side of the building which is the worst part of the building you can live in. It faces the highway and the building next door and its far away from the parking lot. The noise from the highway makes keeping the window open impossible. if you crack it evan a little but the noise triples. Also our apartment is as far away from the parking lot as you possibly can be. It is literally the length of a city block just to go to and from your car. The GOOD parking which would be much more convenient for a lot of people is for office employees only! That doesn't sound like a place that has its renters in its best interest. This building is supposed to be smoke free but you can always smell smoke in the hallways and even your apartment. as a family with a baby this really made me angry. You NEVER see people smoking outside so the only other place they're doing it is in their apartments. Maintenace has known about our busted light and broken closet door for a few weeks now and neither has been fixed yet. The heat in the bedroom never seems to be working, we had to buy an area heater to keep that part of the apartment warm for our baby. by far the worst issue we've had at this apartment... When we first moved in we noticed two maybe three small black droppings in the cupboard, we got traps and never saw a mouse so we thought maybe they weren't actually animal droppings. Fast forward 8 months. Today I started cleaning out cupboards because I was trying to de-clutter for our move and the whole bottom cupboard is filled with hundreds of mouse droppings. maintenance came to check it out right away but they told me they use the same traps as us so if ours didn't work, theirs won't work either. Very reassuring. The rent here will be going up to 740/month for a 1 bedroom. On top of that you pay a water bill which is about $20 to $25 a month (this is the only apartment in I've heard of that makes you pay a water bill, absurd). Plus electric which is 50 to 150/month. For $800/month there are much better apartments. This place is old and rundown and offers ZERO amenities. We found a beautiful apartment a few blocks from here that is so large and offers so many amenities so do the work and find somewhere else, this place isn't worth it. If they're gonna raise rent they should upgrade the apartments, or offer at least ONE amenity.
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Park Ridge Apartments

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