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7700 Cahill Road, Minneapolis, MN 55439
7700 Cahill Road, Minneapolis, MN 55439

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Ponds of Edina



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honest10 • Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2010
Me and my roommate were looking for an apt and we did find one. THE PONDS OF EDINA. I must say that online it did sound like a great place to live but as soon as we started to start the paperwork process it all went down hill from there.:( First off the landlords are so forgetful and they like to lie alot. They do alot of false advertising. The deal they had online stated that you get the 2nd month rent free when you sign a one year lease, when we went to sign the lease the landlords then stated that you get the one/2nd month free by getting 1/2 off in 6 months and then 1/2 the last month you live there. We had already moved out of our old place so we had no choice but to except the offer. When we moved in 2 of the 3 landlords just watched us move our stuff in and DIDN'T EVEN HOLD THE DOOR OPEN! How rude it that. Then I had to contiue to call everyday for 1 full month after we moved in just to catch the landlords to get our storage room.If you move in here prepare to never be able to reach the landlords. They'er office hours are suppose to be like 10am to 6pm monday thru friday! Why are they only open 3-4 hours out of the day. Let me just give you the quick and easy break down of this place: Location:Nice. right near 494 and southdale.stores all around. GROUNDS: nice. Lots of trees and grass. SAFE AND SECURE: Some what. All the doors are sercuse but if someone needs to get in, if you do not have a house phone forget about knowing if friend/family stop by. LANDLORDS: HELL NO. all three are very disrespectful, bad mouthed, forgetful,one of then is legally half blind! Office never open, to touchy feely, lie alot about everything. BUILDING: OK. Not much to smile about, hallway carpet very dirty with stains that look like pee spots. APARTMENTS: OK. There are washer/dryers in every unit(plus), electric is very old and bad, had to fully clean apartment before we moved in, also before moving in there here alot of dead bugs, spiders, and cob webs all over.If you are looking for at lease half clean water this is not the place for you.Me and my roommate had been ill a few times from drinking the water, My 10month old baby cousin had to be admitted to the hospital because I mixed our water even filtered with his formula. He was actually diagnosed with water poisoning!! alot of the outlets do not work, you can only use the jacuzzi and work out areas from 10am to 8pm(so if you always work late not a good amenity) BASCICALLY IF YOU CAN AFFORD THE RENT AT THIS PLACE I SUGGEST YOU SPEND A LITTLE MORE MONEY TO HAVE A MORE COMFORTABLE LIVING. Stay away!!! We are only liveing here for now to save money for now and not break the lease. They have also had apartments vacant for years and this is a small building. PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ponds of Edina

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