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Remington Campus Apartments



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Office Staff
riverblues123 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
To completely carry on someone else's comments, I have to say that I was in love with how seemingly perfectly remodeled my apartment was before I moved in last September and didn't think it was as important what the outside hallways looked like or the outside of the building. Since I've moved in, I've dealt with the worst toilet imaginable (I think they had to seriously search to find one this bad), water that runs yellow periodically, a bathroom vent that doesn't vent, invasions of ants NOT drawn out due to cleanliness issues, and in general simply horrible maintenance. If you're moving in now, enjoy the relative cleanliness of the halls and laundry rooms, because this will be the only time in the next year any maintenance or true cleaning will be done. Whatever you do, don't touch the hallway carpets - they have layers of stains if you look. Hallway lightbuilbs go out and don't get replaced (until the night before the 1st of September when everyone is set to move in), including the light around the doors making it unsafe to walk around the parking lot by 4th Street. Tell your friends and family to never mail you things unexpectedly and ALWAYS purchase a tracking number for packages, because management repeatedly signed for specialty envelopes and packages for me, but never told me they received them and told me to my face they hadn't received them until I showed them their UPS signature. AND in June my car was smashed into right in the parking lot though it was painfully obvious there was nothing to steal in there - not even a CD player! The lot is unsafe, the hallways smell, there's no maintenance or true office hours, staff are unwilling to spend any time with resident concerns, and there's no real door security.
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Remington Campus Apartments

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