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Soo Line Building City Apartments

101 South 5th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55402



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Office Staff
Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2019
Soo Line Apartments is not safe. Like most on the review sites, I have had problems residing here, as well as in attempting to resolve issues with Soo Line Building management, namely -------------- the property manager. And like most, my experience began with a warm welcome, tour of the wonderful amenities (really just a pool and rooftop view). Here are some honest points to consider before leasing: Mail delivery is unsafe -- I have received misdirected mail of others as well as my own mail going missing. While the building is pet friendly, it comes at the cost of elevators and hallways that smell of urine and defecation, and more often than not have the same in plain sight. The smells in the building is, at times, difficult to deal with. On days when new tennants visit, cleaners are careful to make good on appearances and use scented aerosols to cover the odor. The result is a pungent, sweet smelling odor that is actually not too bad on first visits but become bothersome over time. The poor ventilation system means additional air issues. As other reviewers have pointed out, the building unfortunately holds and carries the smells of other tennants -- marijuana and the smell of alcohol are common following multi room parties is common. Other unwelcome smells of tennants daily lives make their way through the shared ventilation systems. Smells such as cooking meals and other unsavory bathroom smells, unfortunately, make it embarassing to have visitors over. Not always, but most of the time. Paying rent is also difficult and administrative mistakes can fall on the onus of tennants. For example, the property manager (now, --------------------), issued an apology to residents stating that the Paylease system had accidently misplaced some rents set up for automatic payment for the month of December 2018. All tenants who had enrolled in the automatic payments online, myself included, received confirmation of our rent as received and paid in full. A short time later, we received a notice that our rent "rent payments setup on Paylease may not have been processed" and we were asked to resubmit with cashiers check. Not a huge problem in itself-- as a one time occurence. However the problem sti persists. For example, I had a problem with paying rent in January 2019. I paid the rent due on I was given a receipt by email showing that rent had been received. The next correspondence I received was from ----, who said my rent had not been paid. I replied with a copy of the email receipt proving payment. ---- gave no indication otherwise that there was a problem, leaving me to beleive Paylease was the problem. I attempted to contact Paylease, but was unable to get any help. I don't want to elaborate further on the low points of Soo Line Building City Apartments. I admitedly signed up on my own. Having ready access to downtown as well as to the Minneapolis Skyway (indoor walkway access throughout downtown) is convienient. From high turnover in staff who all too quickly become diagruntled, to the mismamagement of tennats safety, Soo Line Building will prove a let down to many who chose it based on initial impressions. Soo Line Apartments does seems to hold value as a popular destination for room sharers. I hope this doesn't put readers off from living in Minneapolis -- it's an amazing city with more to offer than some Tier 1 cities...with the right living space. Please feel free to reach me at for suggestions. Thanks,
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Soo Line Building City Apartments

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