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poisonthorne • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/05/2007
I wish that I had seen this earlier. I have just read the last "yes" posts that were all, of course, from the management at Melrose. I promise to use specific examples that are fact when I tell it how it is.<br><br>Front desk - these people have no idea what's going on. Sometimes you have to stand there and wait to talk to them while they are on their cell phone. Upon moving in, we had to fill out or room status/maintinance report and turn it into the office. I argued with them for 5 minutes stating that I should get a copy of it. Seems like it should make sense when there are 3 pages. They refused to give it to me, so I had to go back later and talk to someone else. They searched for it in my file and gave it to me, but they acted like it was such an inconvenience for them when it was their mistake in the first place. The font desk's professionalism is my biggest complaint overall. This is not because I "don't get the answer I want to hear" to my questions. <br><br>Maintainance - they are good with repairs in a timely manner (one exception), but if you fill out a work order and make an appointment (stating that you need to be there when they enter) it will be disregarded. One time I came back to my apartment from getting the mail, and they were already inside in my bathroom working. It really made me feel uncomfortable.<br><br>Parking - I had a contract spot outside and cars regularly parked in it. You get to go to the front desk and fill out a piece of paper and wait. In one section, the spaces are so small that you can't even open your door half-way. When they need to plow, good luck making sure you have somewhere else to park your car. Sometimes they offer places down in the garage, but they "aren't supposed to" as one girl put it. On the chance that you are a student or have a job, you also have to accommodate their 10:00-2:00 time that your vehicle needs to be somewhere else. Mostly about parking, you have to go out of your way for them. When you are paying that much for parking, it really shouldn't have to be an inconvenience.<br><br>Noise - every weekend we hear loud music from the neighbors. I've asked them to quiet down (on class nights), but no avail. My last resort would be to call the downstairs desk, but I haven't utilized this yet.<br><br>Electricity - as stated in a previous post, the "allowance" is minuscule. I don't even notice. I pay between $10-20 each month. That is what you need to get by. We are careful about lights and we don't even have a TV in our living room anymore (sucks up a lot of electricity)!<br><br>Roommate matching - wouldn't recommend it. I moved here with a friend and we have a terrible time with the other 2 roommates. We generally avoid each other at all costs. It's generally a constant feeling of uncomfortable.<br><br>I pay my rent quarterly to get it cheaper. I put my rent check in the same envelope with my monthy dues (electricity, parking, tanning)once and it was chaos. I got a letter maybe two days later saying that I was overdue. Only took a couple e-mails to straighten it out....<br><br>Be aware that if you want to rearrange your room, there is no molding on the wall underneath your bed! Cheap!<br><br>I've spent way to much of my life doing this review. That is enough. Get me out of here!
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