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Three-Thirty-Three Oak Grove



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2013
I want to let you know this will be the most recent review you will read of this place. I moved in 4 months ago. The building manager was an old lady "Mary" who showed me this place with a lot of promises and with a warm welcome. Do not get fooled. I took words of this place from this site despite knowing that those reviews are of few years ago and things change. She promised me so many things and the day after I moved in and still see nothing has been done, she went all crazy and mad and stopped talking to me saying I am demanding. It was very very rude of her and I could not go back to my old place either. The place stinks of old people (not being rude) and I hardly see any people there. Everyone hates the manager as she is angry, grumpy and moody and people aren't friendly at all. Few things among those were: Radiator not working (still not working), cobwebs everywhere, broken window and door locks, dirty bathroom, fridge smelled aweful, the electrical burners weren't working etc One day it was raining and the roof leaked. Nobody picked up the phone. I left message in answering machine and no one ever calls back. Some of the crazy stuffs like I saw mouse running around and told them but they care least and completely ignores it. It's winter here and as you know, the weather these days are below 10o F. THE HEAT DOES NOT WORK. I was so disappointed because Mary specifically said this building's a lot more warmer than other places because there are many older people who lives here which I appreciated her honesty but that's --------. The maintenance guy (Jim) tries to help his level best but there are things that are not in his hands and tells me to complain to Mary which circles back to Jim and the loop starts. The washer and dryer is pretty cheap but ------- small. And the dryer doesn't even work properly and always need to hang my clothes in order to let them dry itself. I feel like I am fooled and trapped in this ------ place pretty bad and I hardly get in touch with the owner in order to share my opinion or complaints because office is ALWAYS closed. Just because of few hundred $$ less, don't choose this place. I will be out of this place asap and don't recommend this to anyone.
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Three-Thirty-Three Oak Grove

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