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The Cliffs of Minnetonka



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/13/2011
When you live in an apartment you are paying for a product. That product is a comfortable, clean and safe place to call home for prenegotiated time. On that note the Cliffs of Minnetonka provides a very poor product. I have resided at the cliffs now for three years and have gradually watched has the building slides down that cliff (metaphorically). The first year was great very happy for the amount that I was paying it was the best place for the money, but you could see even at that time a slight decline in the property. Has a veteran and officer I have seen better maintained apartment complexes in Bosnia and Iraq. The apartment seams to resemble a tenant flytrap luring in prospective tenants with a nice and comforting exterior only to be deceived once the victim is committed to its deception. Presenting management with a simple problem becomes a journey to hell. It is a ponzi scheme that even Bernard Madoff would be envious of. Every request is responded by I have to ask my manager and that manager leads to another manager and another manager. Eventually you will give up at the realization that no one is in charge, this place is a ship with no one at the helm an Exxon Valdez heading to the shores of Alaska. My neighbor who has lived here for twenty years finally told me her secret to getting things done here she a ctully pays the maintance personal to maintain the apartment rather than deal with the front office. Both the Minnetonka police department and Plunkets pest control should open satellite offices at the cliffs. In all serious I have tried to maintain my sense of humor, but unfortunately it is no longer funny. All options are based on my sole personal experiences and options alone. Results may vary moving to the Cliffs may result in but are not limited to leaking roof, sleepless nights, cold apartment, scalding water, bugs, fogging and icing of interior windows, broken appliances. Rember before moving to the cliffs consult your lawyer to ask if the cliffs of Minnetonka is right for you.
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The Cliffs of Minnetonka

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