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The Cliffs of Minnetonka



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/13/2012
1. I have found Black mold in both of my bathrooms. Not only am I suffering from respiratory issues due to this, but my 14 year old daughter who spends every other weekend with me and has a documented heart condition is also suffering from respiratory issues frequently on her days that she spends with me. I have spoken to other residents about this issue. Including one who has lived here for over ten years and needed to be moved units 2009 due to a black mold infestation in her apartment. She also stated that while maintenance was being done in the hallways she noticed infestation in the walls as well. As this was over 3 years ago, it seems to be an ongoing issue with this particular complex. I was not informed of this issue upon the signing of my lease, and would have not signed had I known the health hazards for me and my daughter upon moving in. I have taken photos of this mold for my own records. Being an RN I know the damage that prolonged exposure to this type of substance can cause. 2. The ceiling above my master bathroom is leaking due to the shower above it. When the upstairs neighbor uses their shower, due to the poor sealing of the plumbing, the shower leaks into my bathroom. The ceiling is also cracked where the water damage is coming in. I suffer from anxiety and am prescribed medication for this, and it makes me extremely nervous to use my own shower due to the danger of the ceiling caving in. I have taken a video of this leakage for my own records. 3. One of the reasons I moved into this apartment was due to the amenities. Throughout final quarter of 2011, and into the first quarter of 2012 there were many issues with these amenities that came up that made them useless to me. I understand routine maintenance; however complete shutdown of these amenities is unacceptable when this is what I pay for. The hot tub was out of commission for weeks at a time, and when asking management what the issue was it was brought up that a part was on backorder, but this amenity was out of order for the better part of 2 weeks. The pool has been closed on weekends during my stay as well. The fitness center has broken equipment frequently. The weight bench is missing pieces, both treadmills are broken, and the elliptical machine is so worn down that it squeaks upon use, and does not measure heart rate as it would in full repair. 4. The noise level in this unit is an atrocity. I have made complaints in the past about this, but it seems that nobody else is informed of the issue and I am made to deal with it. I was offered to be released from my lease in 2011 due to an issue that I had with an upstairs neighbor, which stemmed from noise complaints and was resolved, however since then I am still under stress due to the commotion that is present at most times of the day. All hours of the night our hallway is treated as a playground for the children of other residents. With the constant commotion of children running up and down the hallway, I find it difficult to relax within the confines of my own home, as my aforementioned anxiety is a constant. 5. I fear for the safety of my own property. I had my car broken into in the third quarter of 2011, and had property stolen from me, while my vehicle was parked in the parking lot. This was an issue throughout the complex, and was reacted to by the hiring of a security department that I have not seen since its inception. With this going on and all of the traffic in the hallways, I often am forced to lock my own door while at home due to the anxiety that I feel with all of the commotion around my home, knowing that there are criminals on the grounds. 6. Many of the fixtures within my home are literally falling off of the walls. My shower curtain rod in the second bathroom is holding on by a thread, my towel rods are held on to the walls by caulking alone. The filter in my circulation fan, which is slated to be changed every three months, has not been changed since I moved in on May 10th 2011. The refrigerator makes noise while idling as the fan within it is falling apart. The stove is also in disrepair, as the drawer underneath is worn out and does not sit on the tracks anymore. This has been since I moved in May 2011. My windows have never been able to completely shut, as the locks are broken on them, since I moved in. This cost me during the winter due to seepage issues, as it could not hold heat. My registers constantly make loud noises, often waking me up throughout the night. When brought to maintenances attention I was told that they were in proper working order. If they were in working order then why am I woken up throughout the night by the constant clicking from them? The lack of sleep that I go through affects my anxiety issues as well.
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The Cliffs of Minnetonka

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