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The Cliffs of Minnetonka



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pmfunder • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/15/2012
The Cliffs isn't all that bad of a place aesthetically. We are a young couple new to Minnesota, and from the outside this looked like a decent place. It is different looking, not your typical boxy buildings. The rooms have character, and the amenities are OK. That's about all of the good stuff. The hallways typically smell bad. We often smell cigarette and marijuana smoke in our room from tenants below us. The insulation isn't great, and the third story arch windows do not have curtains, so sometimes you can't sit in your living room because the sun is literally right next to you. The community isn't the best, often the recycling is full of non-broken down boxes, and is spilling over with glass (where you drive your car). The fitness center is outdated and the "sauna" smells awful and is dirty. What really turned me off was the staff and management. When we first moved in, Kort was the main person we would talk to about anything. He was very nice and understanding. Really a great compassionate staff member, but we haven't seen him in months, and this is where the problems started: I left two used tires in my parking space in the parking garage for about 8 hours during work one day (people leave tons of random stuff by their spaces). I got home from work and they were gone. I thought either someone misplaced them or someone stole them, which wouldn't make a lot of sense because they are used and sized for only specific cars. I called the police department and talked to the management, the police suggested to ask the maintenance staff if they moved them. It took me literally pestering the staff for 5 minutes to finally talk to the manager. Instead of being helpful and looking into the problem, the manager deferred everything to it being my fault for leaving my items out, and basically trying at every point to avoid any extra work she would have to do. They have security cameras in the lots, I had to beg her to check out the tape. I also had to beg her to ask her maintenance staff if they moved them. She claims she did these things but I highly doubt it (read on). Anytime I wanted to find out more info I had to ask and plead for information. They were generally disinterested and did not care. Of course they found nothing, so I had to buy two new summer tires and move on, I'm not completely angry at this point: I typically don't leave stuff out, but I did for a few hours in the locked garage, so sue me. Two months go by. I park in my space and see a utility closet unlocked and open by my space. Low and behold the tires are magically sitting just inside the door! At this point, I'm fuming mad. It would have taken them 5 minutes to ask a staff member if they moved the tires, and you would be able to see this action on the cameras. They obviously did nothing to help me, and were only interested in me getting off their case. I walk over to the office and tell them what I found. She is relieved I found them, but I am not happy with the way it was handled. She continues to blame me for leaving my tires out, not even realizing that what I am mad at is the customer service. She reveals that the closet belongs to an outsourced painting company and she did not check with them. Shocker! They were not concerned that a tenant's belongings were being moved around or stolen by staff, all they cared about was getting me out of their hair. I told them we were not staying here very long, they did not care. The manager was more concerned with making me feel guilty and getting me out of there as soon as possible. Now anytime I show up at the office, I don't get a very comforting feeling from the staff. I miss the days where Kort was here. A lot has changed since then and we won't be here very long. Please read all the reviews about how this place is going into the dump.
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The Cliffs of Minnetonka

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