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Garden Grove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2012
Worst place to live ever! I lived in Garden Grove for one year and it was miserable. When we looked at the unit we were going to move into we were told that the walls would be repainted and the carpet would be shampooed and the stale smoke smell would be gone. When we moved in a month later the walls had not been repainted and the whole apartment smelled awful. Everything we owned smelled like stale smoke and it was very noticeable, even to other people. After moving out some of our stuff still smells like that hell hole. Our tub faucet started leaking so we put in a maintenance request. He came to fix it but the next day water had leaked into our closet and the carpet was soaked, along with everything that had been on the floor. We put in several requests for our faucet to be fixed and finally gave up after he tried several times and it still leaked, leaving us with a moldy tub for most of the time we lived there. The hallway constantly smelled like marijuana, not a child-friendly place to live at all. I never felt safe the entire year I lived at Garden Grove. The staff is pathetic. You can call and call and call and they will not answer the phone. There was hardly ever someone in the office which made it difficult when the machine to put money on your laundry card was inside the locked office (it is now inside the entryway--probably because they knew they were never there). They are supposed to stay open until 5 but Jessica leaves early every day. Not a good place to live if you work 9-5. Two months after we moved out we finally got a check from our deposit back, only about half of what we paid. That apartment was never cleaner than after we cleaned it for check-out. They even told us they were remodeling that unit...why should they not give us the whole deposit back?? They charged us $40 for the stove and sinks (the sinks were scrubbed til they were shining!) Then they made up some bogus reason to take $100. I would not recommend Garden Grove to my worst enemy!!
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Garden Grove Apartments

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