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Garden View Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2014
I think Garden View Apartments are GARBAGE! seriously I have never rented from a place that is as horrible as this place I would NOT ever recommend my worst enemy to live in this crap hole we call an "apartment'! the staff os beyond horrible and lazy and don't do their damn job like they are supposed too! not to mention a good majority of the staff in the office are beyond rude and act like they are all high and mighty and so much better than you and but when it comes down to it at the end of the day their still people just like all the rest of us that is nothing special so treating your tenants like they are gum on the bottom of your shoe is not at all professional!! when I go to the office and call numerous times in a week or couple weeks at a time because there are so many issues and problems not only with maintenance but with the people that are allowed to live in apartment complex is a crock of crap! when you are getting woken up numerous times a night all night long it starts to get old and when you go to management to take care of the situation all they do is either ignore you and don't return your phone calls and when you walk in the office or try to talk to them outside they act like you don't even exist and that you are scum! this has been an on going problem for months now and when things don't get taken care of and you keep blowing me off shows me that you are nothing but a joke and have no idea how to run an apartment complex! not to mention none of the maintenance issues ever get taken care of and when they do its just a half --- job just to get it done and say they did it. I don't pay the amount of money I do a month to be for one this unhappy and two to not have my apartment be up to code when there I'm pretty sure there is mold under the carpet because of a pipe bursting and not being taken care of right away like its supposed to be is not at all okay and its actually you breaking the codes to your part of the contract to these apartments! legally it is YOUR job to take care of any water damage mold ETC and when you refuse to change something that smells like mold and makes you have a headache and health problems that is NOT at all OKAY! it states in the lease that garden view is responsible to take care of damage from any flood or pipe bursting or any other problems like that and the fact that your to cheap to change things is a little ridiculous and the fact that if whenever a tenant does one single thing wrong here your getting kicked out for violating the lease but its totally okay that KJ Management/ Garden View Apartments) can totally neglect their responsibilities to do their part of maintaining the apartments and making sure that the tenants are happy and that the apartments are up to code and a safe healthy environment but I'm sorry when there is mold and all sorts of issues in my apartment thats totally unfair. I'm sorry when there is an issues it is not my responsibility to have to just suck it up and deal with the fact that we have no choice but to just suck it up because were stuck in a lease and can't get out.. if management would actually get off their lazy butts and do their job for once I think things would be a lot better around here! instead of treating your tenants like crap and acting like were such a bother to come in and talk to the office about any question or concern and get treated like how dare you come in here and try to talk to me right now. its just an all around really crappy feeling and when you don't even want to spend time in your own house because its unbearable to deal with house loud neighbors are and all the weird sketchy things that go on and the constant marijuana smell in the halls! the last thing I want to smell when I have any of my family or friends come over and smell nothing but like a skunk died because the Marijuana!! I will go above and beyond to make sure that I can get the word out to anyone that I possibly can to not only strongly urge you to for one NOT rent from any of KJ Management apartments and to let any family member friend or yourself etc that may be looking at KJ Managements apartments to just keep looking for something better where the management office will appreciate you and care about your happiness and not just the green stuff that gets put in their hands this company in my eyes is nothing but a money hungry rude inconsiderate people! they have numerous locations and they are all just as much garbage as the garden view apartments! here are the other buildings that KJ Management own for future reference Hyde Park, Amberwood Apartments, Hazel Wood Apartments and South Fridley apartments! do yourself a huge favor and not even waste your time! not to mention they talk up these apartments to be some expensive rich palace when in all reality its far from being close to perfect! one of the main things that sold me on falling in love with this apartment was the indoor pool and "gym" and the reason why I say it like that is because people don't know how to not watch their kids and pay attention when their kids are out vandalizing anything they can get their hands on like cutting the cords to the exercise equipment and breaking the lock on the front door over and over again! we were told for one that the buildings are control accessed and they you can be buzzed in well the door is hardly ever locked except for when its not broken. then its locked only; at night. are/were just lied to about so many things just for them to sell us on living here! which is rather super sad because we were planning on trying to call this home for awhile and settled in here! please people just be cautious with this management because they are so manipulative and tell you exactly what you want to hear!!!!!! we have a list of numerous things that have YET to get fixed and we have been here 6 months! there are so many things with these apartments that are not only really old and not really up to code for it to be a healthy environment! the building itself is way out of date! I could name a bunch of things in two seconds! its a little ridiculous that its been 6 months and things are still not taken care of!! if management just learns how to do their job and really crack down on who moves in and the things that don't need to be known for the whole world to hear! and when I walk into the office the last thing I want to hear is the management staff talking smack about other tenants and how ridiculous they are for making you just have to get off your lazy asses and actually do your job for a second! hmm ever think of that?!!! and stop acting like your tenants here aren't important and that the only thing you want from me is rent! they can be the first to give you a letter saying its a 50 something dollar huge late fee for your rent not being in on time which I get but how can you threaten to kick me out and charge me a late fee when you can't even take care of your responsibilities and if I were to say your not getting this money until its fixed is an automatic getting kicked out of the apartment. moral to the story is be on your toes at all time and make smart choices and make sure you look at all the fine print before you get wrapped into having to live here! the list of things could go on and on but I'll end the rant now.
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Garden View Apartments

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