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Garden View Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2019
The building I lived in had horrible parking. The lot is on a hill. They don't upkeep the lot well at all. Many times unable to get out of in winter due to being slippery. The sidewalk and steps to building the shoveling not kept up. The side walk in front by flagpole horrible slippery. Never used salt or sand in parking lot. Almost lost my job due to unable to get out of lot. Many times multiple tenants had to shovel out car including me. This was after plowing. Not enough parking so if have to park on the street always a possibility of receiving a ticket or tow. No parking 3-5 am. Plus, the trouble of parking sometimes a block or better away. The maintenance sucks. Took 5 weeks and 4 phone calls to get a 20 minute fix problem at apt. This was an electrical problem. Called reported it, called and there was not svc ticket put in. Had to call again they had to talk to maintenance supervisor. Called again and had to call maintenance again. Saying they had been short on maintenance staff. The carpet was nasty when moved in. Wouldn't let me view the actual apartment before moving or else would not have. I expect some appliances to be older but, everyone was at least 20 yrs old. The stove was unbalanced, the dishwasher was unbalance, the racks so bad and old,never even used it. But, I wash dishes by hand anyways. The air conditions just old and dirty, I cleaned mine and the insulation on it was falling apart and the one in the master bedroom just loud and dirty. I don't think they ever painted. But, when it was painted it was thick nasty old paint, messy, bad patching, partial painting. The trim along the floor and walls coming loose in areas. There was someone that flushed diapers and a bag of grease down the toilet. It did cause problems. They sent tenants letters(under the door)if it happened again the price of fixing it would be split up between the tenants in the building. Also, received letter (under the door)stating a higher than usual water bill for building. If anyone had a water/sewer trouble they hadn't reported the tenant would be charged for the difference in the water bill. When first moved in had package pickup at office, that was stopped no more package pick up. They told me laundry on every floor. There is....at first it was two washer dryers..with only one working. Then there was one washer and on dryer per floor. So 3 washer 3 dryers per building.....just saying...The hallways are nasty on the first floor. Spider webs every where, in the light fixtures, in corners etc.....The security door was broken more often then fixed, anyone could walk in. Once, it was broken for about six weeks straight. No security there. They had a note posted to the door about hiring one extra "security person"to watch. I'm sorry but they didn't watch very well or make rounds very often. A piece of paper does not make me feel safe. My car was dug through more than once, including the trunk. No security cameras except maybe by office. The office workers were usually nice, but the management available really sucked. I was there two years, ready to move in less than a year but got ill so was unable to.
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Garden View Apartments

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