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Hidden Valley Apartments



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lancestar2 • Resident 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 11/21/2013
Being a renter for over 10 years I know what to look for and I have lived here almost a year now and here is my review. The place is an older place and it's slightly run down which when you take into consideration the rent is cheaper than most places in Northfield they have limited funds so I'm not to picky. Everything works fine my freezer does leak a bit and need to be defrosted ever few months which is insane! Also in the winter my garage (which is free with rent!)does freeze to the ground some which can be a pain to have to break the ice in font (because the ground is not level and it sheds water UNDER the garage door. The apartment does have older appliances but they work fine (which is pretty shocking since they look from the 70's or such!) Most important thing is to WALK your apartment 1st before you sign your lease!!!! They tried to get me to sign before even seeing it!! they "required" me to sign the lease a few weeks before I even moved it which I was NOT happy about but I had to insist and hold my ground to make sure I saw the actual apartment before moving in (make sure they have the address on the lease that you sign too! so they can't Bait and switch") If your an experience renter you should be fine if NOT and your a 1st time renter you dam as well bring sombody who knows what to look for!!! because then you will be just fine. I have never had any issues with my neighbors besides sometimes they play loud music on the weekends but having my own background music and a fan to block out the noise. Also the people in my building are kinda gossip a lot and are friendly so that's pretty neat though I prefer to keep to myself like most people. The grounds are a bit below average ruts from cars in the grass as people drive on the grass to move out/move in. Location is great is next to Target and Cub Foods and it's within walking distance. If your looking for a cheap place and you can handle a little mold and ugly appliances (but they work enough to use) and a untreated lawn then you might find a good home here!! If your looking for a luxury apartment keep looking (actually next door!) many other nice places but I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone who is looking to rent in the 500-700 range! oh and the electricity runs about 40-50 a month which is pretty dang high but all other utilities are included oh and parking is always good I can always find parking in front of my building or the building next door I never could not find a parking space even on the weekends there has never been a time where I have not seen at least 3-4 extra parking spots but usually there is at least 10 extra spots plus I have my own garage to park in too if I need it. oh and one last thing the day I moved in my bank lady wished me good luck once I told her I moved into Hidden Valley! I talked to her more and got her opinion basically the big issue with this place is management being rude but I have gone out of my way to not have to deal with management ever! They have a email you can contact them there and a old post office drop mail box to drop off your rent each month. I have not had any reason to call maintenance and I have always had pleanty of hot water though I don't always shower in the peak usage times.
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Hidden Valley Apartments

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