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Hidden Valley Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 - 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2009
I have been renting for a while now and usually move around almost once a year. I've been in my apartment here for almost two years now and plan on staying for a while. I feel taken care of here, it's quiet where I am and I feel safe. I don't know what this other person is talking about with parties and drugs. The managers are around all the time some of the people even live here and so is maintenance so i'm pretty sure that's not true and if it is true then I would have called the cops it's not the managers fault that there's people doing that they would do something about it if they knew. Anytime I have called the office to get something fixed it was done the very next day. The dryer was acting funny and the next day they fixed it. They has people pick up the trash every morning and a cleaing company clean the buildings once a week. Maybe the other person brought the cockroaches in themselves because I haven't seen any, it helps to clean once in a while I guess. They are older buildings but they are doing new stuff to them like new landscaping. They put in a garden for the reisdents I have had fresh tomatoes, lettuce and peppers all summer its been awesome. I also noticed there is a dog park on property just for the dog owners. I love it here its been really great and I plan on staying.
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Hidden Valley Apartments

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