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Basswood Trails



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2011
Everyone mentions the hot water. So i will avoid that. Laundry facilities are expensive. The dryer does not dry clothes so it takes two cycles to get clothes dry. Management is just crazy. They are supposed to give 24hrs notice before coming in your apartment but normally you get a notice the night before. Kinda of hard to prepare for someone to come in when you work nights. Never could get any sleep. They would schedule work done on every day of the week. Why not do it all on one day? Heat was terrible. It was always freezing or so hot you had to open windows. THe Maint was terrible untill a new guy who was bald i believe and like 6 foot tall came right before I moved out. He fixed a bunch of stuff in the place and probably should be in charge of this place. I cleaned their motha freaking oven for hours and when I moved out it wasnt good enough. They just went around saying not clean to everything. Biggest problem was constantly having people coming in my apartment. I like my privacy so its really annoying when someone says they are coming to inspect/show/fix my apartment and they dont come. Maybe if they knew i worked nights they would have cared more. Management changed almost every day it seemed. Nobody to talk to. When we first moved in we had a good manager named Mary. She is gone shortly after we move in and 5 managers later we had what seeemed to be a deccent one.. Other fun times at basswood trails. If you dont get the 12 hour notice in time to move your car they tow it. 125$ to get your car out of impound. What if your on vacation? Idk guess u just get towed. The front door was not fixed for awhile and some guys broke in and stole the laundry money machine. that was interesting. Overflowing sinks- new maint guy was on it fast though. OH OH dont forget when you walk down the halls it smells like indian food 24/7. every indian has 10 relatives there and even though their nice their food stinks and makes the hallway stink. Also it seems like the rent listed is not as high as they were charging me. When I moved in it was cheaper. Then they jacked that up every year after that. Once you in they know they have you.
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Basswood Trails

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