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7700 Sunwood Dr, Ramsey, MN 55303
7700 Sunwood Dr, Ramsey, MN 55303

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The Residence At the Cor



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/06/2016
Since the new management has come in, the amenities have gone to crap. Everything is being so restricted it's not worth it what so ever. The tanning bed is only available when management is there (IF it works), the fire pit doesn't work, the pool balls are hard to acquire, the court yard closes SO early, and even the gym isn't all that nice. The gym would be much better if they were to take care of their equipment and actually grease up their machines. The management is also rude (there are two older ladies in particular). They just make you feel like you're doing nothing but inconveniencing them. They make sly little comments that are mildly belittling and make you feel inferior to them. The windows suck. Expect frost in every window, everyday. And when you get paint damage from it thawing when your at work, you'll be charged for the repairs. You will absolutely not get any money back when you move out. I cleaned for 2 days and they refused to do the final walk through with me and sent their "finding" in the mail with no way for me to contest. They said my apartment was "absolutely disgusting" and "the only thing that was clean was the closet" when I went around and dusted everything, wiped everything down, and bleached everything bleach wouldn't damage. Oh, and when I told them I owned a carpet washer, they told me "either way, you have to provide a receipt showing you rented one, or we will do it". I shampooed the carpets with my shampooer, and they still did it them selves. And you bet they charged me the $55 bucks to do it. Out of a $300 deposit, I got 26.94 back. This apartment building overall is just not worth it to move into. And far too expensive.
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The Residence At the Cor

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