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The Residence At the Cor



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/13/2018
Residence at the Cor The major problem with the Cor is the Mold that is coming out of the walls near the windows, especially in the bedroom. First of all the heating vents were placed above the windows on the ceiling pointing at the windows. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be an engineer to tell that with cold weather on the outside of the window and heat blowing in the inside will create problems with ice and water. This created a large growth of mold. I was told by management to use my ceiling fan all the time and make sure the blinds are open every day. That did not help the situation on the cold nights. There was about a ½ inch of ice surrounding my window frames on the days it was below freezing. My window frames on the inside of my apartment. Management even had someone try to sneak into my apartment to clean up the mold. Imagine his surprise when he found my boyfriend in the shower. I had a water softener installed in the apartment since I had been told that there was NO soft water in the apartments and it would cost me 285.00 to have one put in and another 75.00 fee to have the city come out and inspect after installation. I decided that I would use that as my opportunity to talk to the city about the mold when they did the inspection on the water softener. The city guy came out and when he looked at the soft water tank he asked where the salt goes. Turns out he had never seen a soft water tank like that and then told me the mold was my problem to address with management. I was told by younger renters that they were told to just keep wiping the mold away if it builds up. I am a nurse and had been working in the allergy department at the time of my residence at the Cor. I know what mold can do to an adult imagine what it can do to a child's health. There is no screen door on the patio and the windows along side of the patio door don't open. So you will not be able to let fresh air in the living room without letting flies and mosquitoes in. This door also gets warped from the heating vent blowing on it with the cold air on the outside which breaks the seal around the door if opened in the cold weather. No heat or air conditioning in the hall ways. There is not even 1 vent in any of the hall ways in the whole complex so your heat and air conditioning supply the hallways. There is only 1 small heat vent in the stair way near the management office. The hall ways are very smelly in the summer with no air vents. The parking ramp is owned by the city and NOT The apartments. This is used for parking for the light rail and hopefully you don't come home at the same time as the light rail because those people are from the public and don't follow rules of coming and going through the ramp and sometimes they are downright rude. Not to mention people use this for free public storage of vehicles and motorcycles in the winter. So if you are on the 3rd floor the 4th floor parks on the 3rd floor in the winter and the storage vehicles take up other spots. Hard to find parking close to the door in the winter.
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The Residence At the Cor

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