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Seasons Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
Don't move here at any costs if you can help it! It is a living nightmare. From day one. So you go meet with the leasing managers, whoever... they dazzle you with their brand new clubhouse (ever wonder why on their ads online they only have pics of the clubhouse and not their apartments??HMM)call them "luxary apartments", walk you through a totally made up model apartment...instead of the one you would actually get, should you be dumb enough to decide to move here. I dont know about you, but I would like to see THE EXACT apartment I was moving into.. not having it picked for me... (We got a LOVELY parking lot/dumpster view).<br>They have a real problem with their 'secured entraces'... the side door is ALWAYS broken, and hanging wide open... always. Lights in the stair wells are almost always burnt out and STAY burnt out for 2 months. I swear there isn't a caretaker or anyone who keeps the entrances/hallways clean... I havent once seen anyone cleaning them. Always has garbage and debris around.. its embarassing to have guests over. <br>The staff at the office is unresponsive, unreliable, disrespectful, and very unprofessional. <br>When the time came we were asked to renew our lease, we went with good intention to, but for only 6 more months and not another year (cause living conditions kept getting worse and worse), so about a week later we get a lease under our door for another YEAR. (Do you LISTEN to your residents?!?!) Needless to say we didnt sign it, and instead put in 2 months notice to vacate. Thanks to some new neighbors that think its okay to gather in the parking lot at all hours (sometimes until 3am), arguing/fighting/blasting their music... I have had to call the cops. We have also called the office to report it during "BUSINESS HOURS" so maybe one of them could come out and let them know its not ok to loiter and be disruptive. Nobody ever answered. We left messages, nobody called us back. I finally wrote an email to corporate... they were a little more apologetic than the office of VPR... not tons. But atleast they called us back. <br>DO NOT MOVE HERE.
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Seasons Park

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