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tscouton • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/17/2005
From day 1 it was a bad experience. They did not have our apartment ready to move in like what was agreed at signing (many other reviews on here have the same issue). We ended up moving into a different apartment. We made our first payment on a credit card and were never told there was a $140 charge to do so. At the time of move-in we paid a $100 for painting and cleaning of carpets (because of this we were told we could paint the walls). While we lived there we painted the walls and got a bill in the mail after we moved for $200 to repaint the walls, since they were painted darker then what was on there. When we contacted the management regarding that we were never told (and I asked the agent more then once regarding this prior to moving in) that we could not paint them darker. This issue is still being dealt with, and I am willing to contact a lawyer if we can not clear this up out of court. We would receive notices about maintenance for certain times, but the work was almost never done on time. For instance, we had no water for 2 days because of a "2 hour" maintenance. The parking lot was to be repaved and we were not suppose to park there for 2 days. The 2 days that were listed no one parked there but no work was done. After a few days everyone started parking back in the lot. About 5 days later it rained and we received another notice of rescheduled maintenance "due to the weather". Neighbors are terribly loud and rude. Had to call the police more then once because of parties going on in the parking lot. We have had our clothes stolen out of the washer and dryers in the buildings. The office staff was very unhelpful and indifferent about any issues (especially the theft of clothes). I could keep going but I hope mine and everyone elses reviews helps anyone that may have any questions regarding this place.
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Seasons Park

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