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Heritage Manor Apartments

2408 18 1/2 Ave NW

Rochester, MN 55901



Resident · 2009 - 2014
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I have lived at Heritage Manor Apartments for almost 6 years. When I first moved in in early 2009, the complex was tidy and managed by a wonderful landlord named Verlaine. The neighbors were friendly and the maintenance people were intelligent, quick and professional. That was 4 management companies ago. Currently the complex is managed by IRET Properties who SUCK! (In my opinion, based on living in several buildings managed by the company.) Where to start? Since 2009 when I moved in, every year has seen a significant rent increase from $505 to currently $650 for a 1-bedroom apartment which couldn't pass a safety inspection. I have everything from leaking faucets and pipes to lights flickering on and off. For the last 2-3 years maintenance has become a joke. When I have an issue, they are quick to determine that I am always somehow at fault (i.e leaky pipes are because I do not know how to shower) I have had a screen full of holes since I moved in. (apparently the holes are from overuse) How does one "overuse" a screen, especially before I moved in? The kitchen sink leaks out the back and from underneath the sink itself. Doing dishes requires a towel both above and below the sink. I have been requesting it to be fixed, however...Still not fixed. Speaking of the kitchen, there is literally room for a drainboard (not including dishes) one counter between fridge and oven just big enough to get in the way, but not big enough to be useful. There is on-site parking in the parking lot and it gets the job done, if you don't mind your car being side-swiped by your drunken neighbors, or broken into once a month on average. They advertise the place as being "high security", however fail to mention that half of the locks don't work, and when they do that 5-4-3 is not a secure combination.(For those of you concerned that I compromised the security by typing it here, it is common knowledge around town.) There are no cameras and its not uncommon to see the emergency exit signs pulled out of the walls and hanging down, ready to fall at any moment. There are no staff members who live on-site so over winter and any holiday the stairs and sidewalks are commonly very dangerous. When they are in the office, they barely get the job done, often doing just the bare minimum job to say they actually did something. Noise with the neighbors has not always been an issue, but as of the last year they have been moving out left and right. The ones who stay are very loud especially in the 2am-6am bracket. Last night for example I was awoken by a loud party upstairs. When I came to the living room to see what was going on, there was a noise outside. One of the upstairs neighbors had jumped from the 3rd story deck and was trying to climb up on my deck and my neighbors. I told them to go home and they refused, finally complying when I said I was calling the police. If you report an issue to the management, they say its not their problem and to call the police. I understand that they are not babysitters, however I cannot understand why or how the place could be "secure". In the summer the parties and loudness really become apparent. Last year for example, it got to the point where management was going to close the outdoor pool over alcohol infractions. Instead they made a "no alcohol" rule. So everyone either puts their beverage in a cup or they just hop the fence at night. Either way it did NOT solve the problems. I personally have seen my neighbors as well as other people from the neighborhood skinny dipping and having intercourse in the pool and exercise room. So if you are thinking about moving in or currently live here, think about that while your kids are splashing around. In the winter it's not uncommon to find someone sleeping in a storage closet or in one of the laundry rooms, or even a vacant apartment for that matter. So again, security is a major concern. The problems with this place go on and on. The place looks/smells/sounds like a rundown collage fraternity that needs to be torn down and rebuilt, with new management, new tenants, and a team of safety inspectors. To top it off, I was recently informed by the management that they are raising rent to the 700-dollar/month level and that this place is "high class". Don't be fooled. I personally have only lived in one place that was worse than Heritage Manor, and that is/was Ken Lechner owned, so the bottom of the barrel, not to mention that the place has continued to slide downhill after every management company. I currently have moved to another apartment in town at 400/month for a place that is 3 times larger and has no maintenance issues. So long story short, if I could have voted 0.0 for a place, it would be Heritage Manor. In regards to pets, small dogs and cats are allowed, with a 350 dollar pet deposit plus monthly pet rent, PER ANIMAL! I do not know about other animals so I cannot comment on lizards, fish, ect. All in all, if you are looking for a nice place to raise kids or looking for a quiet location then DON'T MOVE HERE! You will undoubtedly regret your decision as I have come to. (As a side note, I would recommend getting a permit to carry a firearm if considering this place, for your own protection, not to mention having a lawyer to act as a go-between with management)
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Heritage Manor Apartments

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