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Jordan Mills

1737 48th Street NW

Rochester, MN 55901



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/01/2013
I will write first off in regards to rent. They change their prices EVERY year. They quickly go over the lease and your "monthly rent" always changes depending on water usage (around $7/month), rubbish (around $35/month), sewer (around $25/month), so called pest control (what a joke, never come), billing admin fee ($3.50/month)? (Come ON!) and an account setup fee? I'd be VERY careful of this place. They nickel and dime you for every cent you owe. And don't try to argue, you'll get a stink eye from ------ in the office. Or you'll get the manager to just "laugh" at you. This place is unprofessional. They failed quickly to update any maintenance items upon move in. They didn't show up for 30 days with being told many times that nothing is done. They threaten to tow vehicles from the facility due to very poor parking situations. And don't expect a free garage! OH NO, That's an EXTRA $50 on top of everything. Nothing is included in this place ... nothing. If you want satellite over TV, you can forget that too. They'll want to charge you $500.00. Don't worry, I've filed an FCC Complaint against the corporation to have this fixed for future residents. They do a horrible job at controlling neighbors and their dogs taking a crap all over the place. Watch where you walk in the grass here! Some people are good at it, but most people are not. You can watch them across the parking lot with their dogs pooping in everyone's front yards, and does management do anything about it? NOPE! They even let vehicles park in the lot without towing them that do not belong there. I have lived throughout the country and in multiple rental units and I have never written such a bad report. Now, in regards to the interior of your units. For what you pay, you get a VERY small combined dining room and living room. If you want to watch a decent TV that is larger than .. oh let's say 29" TV ... you'll have to place it in the "dining room" to just fit your couch in there along with a comfortable viewing distance to your TV. THEN You'll have no room for you dining table or any additional things like a computer, side tables to your couch or seating arrangement. The washer and dryer are in the kitchen behind flimsy doors. So if you want to watch TV while washing clothes, you'll have to blast your TV volume. But be careful so you don't get a noise complaint from your neighbor! OH, and the dishwasher? Don't bother, it's super loud, eats up a lot of water, and will not wash your dishes. Do those by hand, maybe you won't get food poisoning then. The kitchen has enough room for a small person to maybe cook themselves their own meal. Then you can take turns with everyone else that live with you. There is a nice convenient door to the back yard area, but be careful. There are dogs that are left "unattended" .. .again a violation of the lease. So you aren't really safe.The ONLY good thing I like about this place is that the lots are well lit. The back area and parking lot have plenty of light.
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Jordan Mills

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