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Sienna Green



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mpalestino • Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2016
I had the worst possible experience living at Sienna Green. I lived in one of the one bedroom units for almost a year and moved over to the newer development when it was finished and got a roommate. We ended up having to move-out before our lease was up. We notified the office and they told us the terms of how the unit would be re-rented. They showed the apartment two weeks after our notice was given, and then a day later we received a notice on our door saying that the apartment was rented and we would have to vacate by noon 3/31/2013, which was all good and gravy. We were out, the apartment was spotless and barely lived in because we hated being there thanks to the rude management and our noisy neighbors and children running up and down the hall at all hours of the day and banging on our doors. We turned in our move out checklist, they did a walk through with myself and my roommate, we turned in our keys, and we were all checked out and good to go. A months time passes and neither my roommate nor myself saw our safety deposit that we were TOLD would be refunded to us IN FULL with the exception of having to dispose of a rather large couch ($50.00). I called the site manager, Tonya Beck, and she told me that the application fell through and we were responsible for the unit until it rented. I currently work in property management, and I am VERY aware that if you give a resident notice to vacate, do a final walk through inspection, and sign off on move-out paper work, and keys are turned in, the resident is clear to go and no longer responsible for the unit. My roommate and I were denied access to the apartment we were "responsible" for and were not allowed to retrieve keys, but we were expected to pay for an apartment we were no longer able to even access. Management denied me my keys several times, and repeatedly told me that I would not be receiving my refund back, even though I had already moved out and was considered a "past resident" in their software. It is not my responsibility as a past resident to be financially responsible for an apartment that I was clearly instructed by management to vacate by above said date by above said time. As stated above, the apartment was clean, and everything was done in the way they asked us to. Tonya Beck (if she is even the manager anymore) is incredibly inconsiderate, rude, and very unprofessional. Had I known back in 2013 what I know now about multi-housing standards and procedure, you bet your --- I would be suing for every penny they pinched out of my roommate and I solely because we didn't know any better. Tonya repeatedly broke several multi-housing laws, and I hope that since then the management and policies have improved. If they have not, make sure you are VERY clear about your intentions of your lease, and should you want to move out before your lease is up, don't. They WILL steal your money and lie about it. Layouts are awesome, and the design of the building does make for a comfortable place to relax... if you can get over kids EVERYWHERE and parents who don't want them. Not to mention the trash all over the hallways only 1 month after the building has opened.
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Sienna Green

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