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Sienna Green



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2013
I live in the new building, Sienna Green II. I'll start from the beginning. Our application process was incredibly slow. When we applied for the building, there were plenty of first floor patio units available. By the time we were able to sign a lease there was maybe 5 units left, all without patios. As for moving in, well there's only one seriously slow elevator. Typical day; If you like sleeping past 9 AM, forget it. There's a mob of screaming kids waiting for the bus every weekday. Trying to walk through them & their mothers is like some crazy obstacle course. Did I mention you'll be walking out to your street parking spot? Unless you have $45 a month for the underground parking. Which might be worth it considering Roseville has the WORST snow emergency system in the state and you are sure to rack up at least $70 in parking tickets during the winter. When you come home, there will no doubt be someone standing at the door with no key expecting you to let them in. There's constantly food, garbage, laundry & mystery liquids spilled about the halls. Finally when you get inside and try to relax, there's a stampede of children running up & down the hallways. I don't know where their parents are, but they definitely show no concern for any neighbors. Now, they do allow dogs in this building. BUT 80% of the residents here are TERRIFIED of dogs. The children scream, run and hide. Even the adults freeze in their tracks and hold their breath until the dog walks away. SO in NO WAY is this building dog FRIENDLY. I have come to the point where I have to scream & yell every day at someone because they act inappropriately around pets. This is America, people. Dogs are domesticated and probably a cleaner animal than you. I warn you to stay away from this place. Especially if you are a young, unmarried, dog-loving, child-loathing, couple who does not rely on Section 8 for housing vouchers. You hear me?! STAY AWAY!!!
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Sienna Green

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