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Equinox Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
I will tell you about my experience with Equinox. <br><br>1- The external maintainence is extremely poor, be very careful during winter as they dont have a reputation of using sand or salt to clear the ice. Due to black ice, I was about to hit twice a car park at the corner and then a garage. The construction work done at the entrance of my building is still not cemented and the sand has messed up the carpet in the stairs and ofcourse inside the apartment. Just to let you know this has been sitting there for a month now. <br><br>2- You can forget you will recieve any courtesy or empathy from the management. Nothing will be accomodated, let me tell you clearly, they are ABSOLUTELY business oriented and thats all what the care for, they dont care if you like it or not. <br><br>3- The junior staff is nice but its surprising that every month when I go to pay my check i see a new face. I guess they cannot find one single sane person who can work with the manager or supervisor. <br><br>SUGGESTION:<br>You can definately find better management and better place to live at the price you will pay here. I have seen 6 people leave from my building alone in 2006 and they all went to other rental complex, I will be leaving as soon as my contract gets over too. I did file a complain to the senior management about an incident that I experienced with the manager of my complex. I didnt hear anything back and no actions where taken to improve the situation. <br>You would be amazed, I had a guy in my building whose car was towed from his own garage. I have never heard in my 17 years of staying in rental property that a car gets towed from the garage of a tenant. This shows the stubborn nature and how arrogant these people are.<br><br>My sympathy with u incase u still think that this is a good place for u.
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Equinox Apartments

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