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Sterling Heights



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Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/12/2008
History of the community: Sterling Heights is an apartment community on the far south east side of St. Cloud. It is not too far from downtown, and the SCSU campus. It it located across from the Highlands Apartments off of 27th street SE, tucked into a corner with open fields surrounding the back of the complex. It is currently owned and managed by TE Miller Development, based out of the Twin Cities. It used to be owned and managed by INH properties, with a manager who lived in the community. After ownership was transfered the community took a turn for the worse as management is no longer local, and in my opinion very inexperienced and unprofessional. Grounds/Maintenance: The grounds are adequate but aging quickly. Much of the maintenance is now completed by an on-site maintenance worker. In my limited experience with maintenance, most problems are fixed correctly, however not always quickly. The overall condition of the buildings is very poor. Cheap and shoddy workmanship were used to construct. However this is usually the case when looking at construction of apartment complexes. They are built for the lowest cost, without any regard to quality of workmanship. This is extremely apparent at Sterling Heights. The hallways and entrances of the building are in terrible shape with discoloration and scrapes/dents from wear and moving in and out. The carpet in the hallways is quite dirty and vacuumed a couple of times a month. A large majority of the interior walls are beginning to crack and fall apart. All of the electrical outlets inside the apartments are loose and on the brink of falling out of the walls. Interior walls are painted an eggshell white and textured with a spray splatter gun, similar to the texture of a ceiling, but smoothed over. The carpeting is a very cheap berber that is neutrally colored and does not show dirt and stains easily. However, the carpet is now aging with the rest of the building and starting to unravel at the seems, literally. In the winter months snow removal is "attempted" by the same contractor that is responsible for lawn maintenance in the summer months. As a result the snow removal process usually takes a whole day, and is very poor. Most of the lot remains snow and ice over the entire season. No salt or sand is put down on any of the lot surfaces or entrances to the garages. After a large snowfall, usually 1 or 2 days later there will be a posting stating that all cars need to be removed or they will be towed. You will be expected to park on the street by moving your car in the early morning. City parking restrictions state that during snow emergency months parking is restricted to either the even or odd side of the street, depending on date. After the first snowfall of the season at least 25 cars received tickets as a result of not knowing the parking restrictions. Noise inside the apartments I have entered is often a problem. As a result of the shoddy construction the walls lack the thickness to dampen sound from neighbors. You can almost always hear, and understand what your neighbors are saying word for word. Like the other reviewer stated the community has a majority of 20-30 something aged tenants, with a few outliers. Most of the noise problems I have experienced come from the younger crowd. Overall safety of the complex leaves a lot to be desired. There used to be a video system that allowed all tenants to tune into a TV channel (closed circuit) to see who was buzzing the entrance door. This however no longer works. The door buzzer in the 2022 building is usually broken 20% of the time and allows the door to be stuck in an unlocked manner. Lighting is also extremely dim within the hallways and entrances. Outside there are some large flood lights but not enough to read the time on your watch anywhere at night. The staff also lacks any consideration for the safety of the tenants as well. Apartments are entered at will and usually without much notice. No specific time is given as to when a random person may enter. Recently the locks were maintained on all apartment doors. Most of the locks were left taken out of the door and open for part of the day. Staff: After the change in ownership the old staff was fired, and new people were hired to take their place, with exception of the maintenance worker. The complex, like stated before is managed by a woman who does not live in the community, and to the best of my knowledge commutes from the cities. Office hours are kept during the semi-normal business hours. Management is usually unpleasant to work with and attitudes vary from the usual power/ego trip to just plain irritated. Unprofessionalism is at its highest here with most notices and letters posted or given to tenants lacking proper sentence structure and correct document formatting. As a result it is usually difficult to figure out what they are trying to communicate. Communicating with TE Miler Development representatives and employees in my experience is almost impossible. 90% of the time no one will answer the phone and you will have to leave a voice mail, and wait for a callback. If you do get to actually talk to someone most employees are easy to talk with, however if you question their business practices or policies you are usually subjected to extremely rude and unprofessional behavior. Overall Recommendation: I would have a hard time recommending this community to anyone looking to move in. The one and only thing that makes all of the negatives I have written about unacceptable at this location is the rent cost. 2 bedroom apartments are pushing $500 a month and 3 bedrooms are right around $1000 a month if you consider the cost of electricity (flat-rate) and garage rentals ($55 a month), you will also have to pay a fee for having a pet. Cable also used to be included, however this is no longer the case. For $800-$1000 a month you could afford to buy a house or rent a brand new townhouse. When you walk into the complex it certainly does not look like a building that rents out 3 bedroom apartments at close to a grand a month. Dont take my word for it, go for a tour of any of the other communities in the area that offer high-priced "luxury" living, you will be astonished.
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Sterling Heights

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