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Louisiana Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
My husband and I lived at Louisiana Oaks for one year. We chose this complex because of the convenient location, and the fact that they are one of the few complexes in the area which allowed dogs. Had we decided to stay in Minnesota, we'd have likely stayed until we bought our own home.<br><br>Our biggest complaint about the complex is the parking situation. The garage is awkwardly designed. Our assigned space was next to a column, making the entrance to our space 6" smaller than the rest, which was an obstacle we had to maneuver around, every time we pulled in and out. Luckily, we have a tiny car, as a full sized sedan, or worse, an SUV or minivan would never be able to pull in if the neighbours were home. There is limited guest parking, unless your guests park across the street in the city's lot, and even the regular outdoor spaces require permits. This became a hassle when we were ready to move. Many people who move in and out rent large trucks, blocking in 10-12 cars at a stretch while they load and unload, as there is no loading dock. We decided to try and circumvent the hassle and use a company that brings "pods," which they pick up once they've been filled. Unfortunately, the management would not let us use any of the outdoor parking spaces (or even buy a permit to use one), so we have to hire a truck, anyway. This is the only time the management has let us down.<br><br>The complex seems to be full of young professionals, like ourselves, who have pets instead of kids. This makes the daytime noise level quite pleasant (no kids playing in the hallway or common areas) but means bar close can get a little rowdy on the weekend. Our apartment has only one shared wall, which is unfortunately in the bedroom, and I can hear our neighbour's modem dialing, and her talking on the phone if the air conditioning or heat is not on. I imagine the noise would be worse if I didn't have an end unit.<br><br>The grounds consist only of the small areas of landscaping around the parking, and they are pretty well maintained. Since the complex began to allow dogs, they've made improvements to encourage residents to keep the lawn nice. The hallways and common areas are clean. With a park across the street, the meager outdoor space is excusable.<br><br>The location of Louisiana Oaks seems safe enough. I've never had an instance of theft, or felt threatened while outside. The neighbours can be pretty bad about making sure doors are closed, though, and many of our guests have said other people have let them in. If this complex was located in a worse part of town, I wouldn't feel safe, but here, my deadbolt seems okay.<br><br>The apartments themselves seem adequately constructed; corporate, very similar to a time-share or resort suite. Appliances are basic, not what I would buy for my own home, but they do the job. The decor is modern, and attractive, especially in our floor plan. We looked at 3, and chose this one because it was so large, open and bright. Only the smallest seemed lacking in light.<br><br>Maintenance has been prompt when we've called, but the service definitely could have been better. We had a couple of items on our move in checklist which needed fixing, and one item (a loose towel rack, which we didn't care about, but didn't want to be held liable for) was never corrected. Apparently, maintenance never checked out our A/C unit prior to our moving in (the apartment had been vacant for a number of months), and dust clogged the drain, flooding the second bedroom. Luckily, nothing was damaged but a cheap bookshelf, and maintenance was prompt in cleaning up the mess. Unfortunately, they only seem to "maintain" anything when you specifically ask them to. A month later, the A/C stopped cooling. Apparently the intake was dirty, but as with the flooding, we had no way to know.<br><br>The management staff seems to try their best to accomodate residents, and provide personalized service, and it helped us to establish a relationship with the person with whom we worked best, so we would know who to speak to if we needed to follow up. Had they been able to help us more with our plans to move out, I'd have truely been impressed, but I also know that it could have been worse. A lot worse.<br><br>Ultimately, I don't think we regret our time here, and with a few improvements (better parking, motivated maintenance, and a pool), we would consider Louisiana Oaks to be a great place to live. It's definitely a step up from the family-oriented smurf villages and antique brownstones which are so common in the metro.
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Louisiana Oaks Apartments

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