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Louisiana Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
LouisianaOaksSucks • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/19/2005
Lets see.... there's never anywhere to park because management doesnt enforce parking policies, even when residents complain multiple times. And that's just the beginning. Management entered our apartment multiple times without our knowledge or consent. We only discovered this when we found things broken and sitting on the counter, and we had not broken them. The real kicker though was when I came home one day and found that the trash guy had taken all of the trash out of the trash room and stacked it up in front of my door, because ONE of the bags in there was mine, and he apparently was upset that people had left trash on the floor. However, it wouldnt go down the shoot, because he hadn't been maintaining it well enough. Also, the policy that we cant leave trash on the floor in the trash room when the shoot is full was never communicated to us. I called the office to inform them of what had happened, and the girl gave me attitude. I removed the one bag that was mine, but the rest of the trash is still sitting in the hallway.
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Louisiana Oaks Apartments

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